How to share media on your wall and in a group.

Wondering what you can share on your wall and in your public or private groups on Sportfolio?

Besides our great feature of being able to quickly add photo galleries to your profile, wall and group, there is also a host of features available to showcase video!

Video Features are at your fingertips – all you to have to do is simply paste the video link in from either, DailyMotion, Flickr (both videos and images),, Hulu, Instagram, Qik, Photobucket,PollDaddy, Revision3, Scribd, SlideShare, SoundCloudSmugMugTwitter, Viddler, Vimeo, YouTube (only public and “unlisted” videos and playlists – “private” videos will not embed), (only VideoPress-type videos) and these features will show directly on your news feed or within a group.

How can this translate your page into a better Sportfolio?

  • Video is crucial for your Sportfolio page – the people who matter need to be able to see you compete!
  • Sourcing video this way can drastically help you better yourself at your chosen sport. There are endless libraries available to you on the internet and video is the easiest and fastest may to learn.

What if my games aren’t filmed?

  • Get a friend to come down to an oval/pool with their smartphone and have them film you running some of the drills or tests specific to your sport. Like we said above – having good video on your Sportfolio is crucial!

What is the best way to get my video onto my Sportfolio site?

  • We highly recommend creating a YouTube account, but remember only public and “unlisted” videos and playlists will be able to be shared. Private videos will not embed.

Useful videos to watch:

If you have any questions about video on Sportfolio, please don’t hesitate to chat to us via our contact us page.

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