What coaches are looking for in an athlete.

See yourself as the next Lebron? The next Johnathan Thurston or Gary Ablett Jr?

Take a look at what we believe will help you on your way besides your freakish talent.

Think about how you can transfer across some of these aspects into your Sportfolio Profile.

Ask yourself this question – are you an athlete which other people want on their team?

    1. CHARACTER: Athletes which can represent their coach team, club, university or college with dignity and respect . Also an athlete that is a well-rounded individual, someone who’s involved and well known throughout their different communities.
    2. WORK ETHIC: Athletes that don’t get defeated easily and will keep working hard on the aspects of their chosen sport no matter what setbacks are thrown in your way. Talent can only take you so far.
    3. RELIABILITY: People that are reliable and who are going to do as instructed both on the field and off it. Someone who’s going to show up on time, everyday, and will listen and execute the coaches calls on the field or in the pool. Being punctual is essential in all aspects of life and, for some coaches, it can even be a clincher on whether you make their roster or not.
    4. ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Only a small percentage of athletes make it to the elite sections of their chosen sport. Showing you are interested and willing to do your best to excel at academic life, in the college system especially, shows you buy into the culture the coach is trying to create. Culture is key to creating success. It is that simple.
    5. YOUR PERSONALITY: How you conduct yourself off the field is also a key to success on it. If a coach is split between two players, and one player is well behaved, well dressed and conveys a demeanour of calmness, then this athlete is more than likely going to be selected before the outlandish and outspoken athlete.
    6. COACH-ABILITY: Can you take orders? Are you the athlete your coach wants with the ball in your hand in the dying seconds of a match? But most importantly, can you take instructions, play to your coach’s game plan or will you take matters into your own hands. Remember there aren’t many athletes out there at the elite level just doing what they want whenever they want come game time.
    7. LEADERSHIP: The ability to stand up and lead teammates in achieving success is crucial. It is also about being an athlete which other athletes want to have on their team. If you are that person, combined with a mix of these other skills, you will be well along the way to achieving your goals in your choses sport.
    8. INTEREST: A coach knowing that you are interested in their program and university is said to be substantial to them when selecting prospects. Be there for the right reasons, don’t just see your current development pathway as weighing you down on your predetermined trip to professional athlete stardom. Respect others how you want to be respected.

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