Why Sportfolio?

Who was Sportfolio built for?

  • Anyone wanting to give themselves an online home for their sporting success
  • Anyone looking to have something to show recruiters, managers, colleges or teams their highlights
  • Anyone who wants to form groups around sport, training and exercise
  • Anyone who just can’t get enough sport and wants to be in a community which feels the same way
  • Anyone!


What are the benefits of a Sportfolio?

  • It’s FREE!
  • You can post almost anything on your Sportfolio. From YouTube highlights, to Facebook/Instagram posts as well as photographs of you playing your favourite sport!
  • Join an every-growing online landscape of people who love your sport as much as you do!
  • Have something to show potential recruiters, managers, colleges or teams your highlights!
  • We gave sports specific testing results for every sport so you can present what you need in one place!

How do I sign up?

It’s easy, just complete the sign up form and get started on building your Sportfolio online!