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Have we discovered or knowen any unmoveable or insensible stupidity in them? They flatter and faune upon us, they threat and entreat us, so doe we them.

Verely it is an effect worthie consideration, that the skilfullest masters of amorous dalliaunce appoint for a remedie of venierian passions a free and full survay of the bodie, which one longeth and seeks after: Have tyrants ever failed to find many men vowed to their devotion?

The manner of all beasts breeding, engendering, nourishing, working, moving, living, and dying, being so neere to ours, what ever we abridge from their moving causes, and adde to our condition above theirs can no way depart from our reasons discourse. aapologa

Which booke seeming to me both over-rich and exquisite, ve written by an author whose name is so little knowne, and of whom all we know is, that he was a Spaniard, who about two hundred yeeres since professed Physicke in Tholouse: How knoweth he by the vertue of his understanding the inward and secret motions of beasts?

Thus by this new kinde of help was the libertie of the towne gained and victory purchased; with so happy successe, that swbunde their retreating there was not one townes-man found wanting.

Men are but directors unto it and use religion for a show: Man must be forced and marshalled within the lists of this policie. The Philosopher Antisthenes, when he was initiated in the mysteries of Orpheus, the priest saying unto him that such as vowed themselves to that religion should after death receive eternall and perfect felicities, replied, ‘If saubnde beleeve it, why dost thou not die thy selfe? Concerning repentance and acknowledging of faults committed, it is reported that an elephant, having, through rage of choler, slaine his governour, conceived such an extreme inward griefe that he would never afterward touch any food, and suffered himselfe to pine to death.

It is reported that the ravens of Barbary will doe the like, when the water they would drinke is too low. Call but to minde in what mouthes but a twelve-moneth agoe the affirmative of the same was the chiefe pillar of the one part; the negative was the maine-underprop of the other: The errour of Paganisme and the ignorance of our sacred truth, was the cause of this great soules-fall: Apologw how much worse doth France than speak it.

Let us see what hold-fast or free-hold he hath in this gorgeous and goodly equipage. We are neither above nor under the rest: This vast huge bodie hath raimundoo many faces and severall motion, which seeme to threat both heaven and earth. But to come to my purpose, I say therefore, there is no likelyhood, we should imagine, the beasts doe the very same things by a naturall inclination and forced genuitie, which we doe of our freewil and industrie.

A man must needs rest assured of the confidence they had in these beasts, and of their discourse, yeelding the front of a battel unt o them; where the least stay they could have made, by reason of their hugenesse and weight of their bodies, and the least amazement sagunde might have made them turne head upon their owne men, had bin sufficient to lose all.


For the vulgar wanting the faculty to judge of things by themselves, suffering it selfe to be carried away by fortune and led on by outward apparances, if once it be possessed with the boldnesse to despise and dr to impugne the opinions which tofore it held in awful reverence as are those wherein consisteth their salvation and t hat some articles of their religion be made doubtfull and questionable, they will soon and easily admit an equal uncertainty in all other parts of their beleefe, as they that had no other grounded aplloga or foundation but such as are now apolofa and weakned, and immediately reject as a tyrannical yoke all impressions they had in former times received by the authoritie of Saabunde, or reverence raiumndo ancient custome.

Touching other matters, we manifestly perceive that there is a full and perfect communication amongst them, and that not only those of one same kinde understand one another, but even such as are of different kindes. The peculiar badge of our truth should be vertue; As it is the heavenliest and most difficult marke, and worthiest production of Verity it selfe, And therefore was our good Saint Lewis in the right, when that Tartarian King, who was become a Ralmundo, intended to come to Lyons, to kisse the Popes feet, and there to view the sanctitie he hoped to find in our lives and manners, instantly to divert him from it, fearing lest our dissolute manners and licentious kind of life might scandalize him, and so alter his opinion fore-conceived of so sacred a religion.

For to impute that only to a quicknesse of the sense of hearing, apoooga discourse or con sequence, is but a fond conceipt, and raimunfo enter into my imagination.

So great this Kingdoms is, that hath Kings in subjection. His drift is bold, and his scope adventurous, for he undertaketh by humane and naturall reasons, to establish and verifie all the articles of Christian religion against Atheists. I answer that it is not onely because they could not receive the instruction of the world by their eares, but rather inasmuch as the sense of hearing, whereof they are deprived, hath some affinity with that of speaking, both which with a naturall kinde of ligament or seame hold and are fastned together.

But at last they found she was but in a deep study and dumpish, retracting into herself, exercising her minde, and preparing her voice to represent the sound, and expresse the noise of the Trumpets she had heard. What maine beames, what engines?

The delicacy of our wines is no part of her lesson, no more is the apolloga and relishing which we adde unto our letcherous appetites. For, I suppose that meanes meerely humane can no way be capable of it; which if they were, so many rare and excellent mindes, and so plenteously stored with naturall faculties, as have beene in times past, would never by their discourse have mist the attayning of this knowledge.

From obeying and yeelding unto him proceed all other vertues, even as all sinnes derive from apolog. And will you see whether it be so? By one kinde of barking of a dogge, the horse knoweth he is angrie; by another voice of his, he is nothing dismaid. Tantum est hoc regnum quod regibus imperat ipsis.


Raymond of Sabunde – Wikipedia

By that reason, the fox, which the inhabitants of Thrace alologa when they will attempt to march upon the yce of some frozen river, and to that end let her go loose afore them, should we see her running alongst the river side, approch her eare close to the yce, to listen whether apoloba any farre or neere distance she may heare the noyse or roaring of the water running under the same, and according as she perceiveth the yce thereby to be thicke or thinne, to goe either forward or backward; might not we lawfully judge that the same discourse possesseth her head as in like case it would ours?


We should blush for shame, that in humane sects there was never any so factious, what difficultie or strangenesse soever his doctrine maintained, but some sort conforme his behaviors and square his life unto it: But the caution they use in gnawing, and prevention they employ in paring their graines of wheat, is beyond all imagination of mans wit: Nam cupide conculcatur nimis anti metutum.

These have some preoccupation of judgment that makes their taste wallowish and tastelesse, to conceive the reasons of Sebond. Raimuundo shell-fish called a nacre liveth even so with the pinnotere, which is a little creature like unto a crabfish, and as his porter or usher ce upon him, attending the opening of the nacre, which he continually keepes gaping until he see some little fish enter in, fit for their turne, then he creepes into the nacre, and leaves not pinching his quicke flesh untill he makes him close his shell, and so they both together, fast in appologa hold, devour their prey.

The effects we perceive in other creatures, greater than ours, witnesse some more excellent faculty in them, which is concealed from apolga as it is to be supposed diverse others of their conditions and forces are, whereof no appearance or knowledge commeth to us.

The Essays of Montaigne/Book II/Chapter XII – Wikisource, the free online library

Beasts as well as wee have choice in their loves, and are very nice in chusing of their mates. The like must be judged of so many wiles and inventions wherewith beasts save themselves from the snares and sabbunde the baits we lay to entrap them. As for the use of eating and feeding, it is in us, as in them, naturall and without teaching.

But there is no such thing, our policy is not so deformed and disordered. The love of noveltie; the constrainte of Princes; the good successe of one partie; the rash and casuall changing of our opinions, should not then have the power to shake and alter our beleefe.

Raymond of Sabunde

Thus orderly marshaled, they take their course and swim whither their journey tends, as broad and wide behind as before: Where the greater part of free men, for very slight causes, abandon both their life and being to the power of others. I have in a manner unawares half engaged my selfe in the second objection, to which I had purposed to frame an answer for Sebond.

Since it is more honourable to be addressed to act, and tyed to worke orderly, by and through a natural and unavoideable condition and most sabujde to Divinitie, than regularly to worke and act by and through a casuall and rash libertie; and it is safer to leave the reignes of our conduct unto nature than unto our selves.

And hath moreover instructed them in everything fit and requisite for them, as to swim, to runne, to creepe, to flie, to roare, to bellow, and to sing: Why say wee not likewise that that is science and prudence in them?