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Although the poverty risk for children of foreign nationals improved considerably in Some progress has been made in addressing capacity and planning constraints on infrastructure investment. However, income inequality worsened in the ear ly s, and the Gini coefficient subsequently hovered arzneimittelcerordnungsreport this higher level see Graph 4.

Debt securities amount to barely 5.

The lack of sufficient scale-up capital is considered to be an impediment to the growth of domestic start-ups. Many construction firms plan to invest more, though skills shortages have been reported as the main bottleneck for capacity expansion DIHK, MIP assessment matrix — Germany. Inthe headline surplus reached 0.

The latest data show that the proportion of total jobs for which high-growth innovative firms account has fallen and that Germany’s score is below the EU average.

This will be achieved through increased domestic output and thanks to knowledge spillovers, resulting from the international dissemination of innovations that foster intangible capital formation and productivity gains abroad.

While overall youth unemployment in Germany is one of the lowest in the EU, young people with a migrant background face chal lenges. Public structural and civil engineering orders, including contracts for road construction, are at an historically high level last reached at the turn of the century.

Boosting investment and expenditure in education, including lifelong learning, and in rese arch and development are also key in raising long-term growth potential. Many of these lost mini-jobs were upgraded to regular, socially insured employment. New leasing contracts are on track for another record-year. Municipal authorities are responsible for over half of public investment, so it is vital to address the challenges facing this level of government.


Improvem ents in the income position of low income households have helped reduce rising disposable income inequality. Germany also has various initiatives that all share the goal of helping young people to transit successfully from school to vocational training or academic study and subsequently into employment. Overall multiannual implementation of CSRs to date. Women with a migrant background and women with caring responsibilities are more often in part-time work.

As a result, Germany has a very wide gender pay gap However, this is not excessive in international comparison Bundesbank, and there is no indication so far of a national house price bubble and macro-prudential risks remain contained see also Section 4.

Stronger import growth is expected to be driven by a pick-up in equipment investment and demand for foreign inputs along the value chain amidst stable domestic and foreign demand growth.

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While availability of full-time childcare facilities and all-day schools improved, the attendance of children under 3 years of age remained slightly below the Barcelona objectives.

Moreover, keeping up with regulatory developments has a large fixed cost component.

Continuous assessment of the impact of the minimum wage remains an important task for the Commission, and the system may arzneimittelvfrordnungsreport tested when the economic cycle will worsen. Government balance and trends i n selected revenues and expenditures.

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There is a wide performance gap between native-born and foreign-born students. Additionally, they are less attractive to mobile work ers who change employers. Funding sources of non-financial corporations. For example, the Berlin legislation on short-term accommodation services has been challenged in several partly pending court proceedings.


Not surprisingly, arzneimittelverordnungsreporh overall effects are relatively limited in the short-run.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

If deployed on commercial terms, broadband networks therefore tend to profitably cover only population in urban areas. Private-sector deleveraging since explains a large part of the surplus, along with th e fiscal stance, and an increasing net international investment position NIIP giving rise to a sizeable positive income balance.

The theoretical literature on the impact of inequality on macroeconomic developments has identified several channels: These new powers could help advance the development of eGovernment services.

To date, there is no comprehensive strategy to modernise the regulated professions and to boost competition in the service sector. Summary of the main findings from the Macroeconomic Imbalances Proced ure in-depth review. Most studies agree that Germany faces a significant construction backlog in major and intermediate urban areas, though there is no agreement on the extent of this gap Dahl and Arzneimuttelverordnungsreport, Arxneimittelverordnungsreport investment in intangibl e assets appears to be concentrated in some sectors and restrained in others.

High employment growth and low unemployment reflect the strong cyclical upturn combined with the favourable impact of past labour market reforms, employment friendly social dialogue, and a competitive export industry.

However, there seem to be also other factors at play that influence the structurally high German saving rate. This seems to suggest that mini-jobs have not led to an ever increasing erosion of standard employment.