Misha Glenny (Goodreads Author). · Rating details · 1, ratings · 88 reviews. This unique and lively history of Balkan geopolitics since the early. Neal Ascherson relishes Misha Glenny’s impressive study, The Balkans , which lays the blame for the perpetual strife in that region. Misha Glenny and Mark Mazower take very different approaches to the modern history of the Balkans.

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Things seem to be steadily improving and people are hopeful that the 21st century can be different for the people of the Balkans, if they can survive the economic crisis that is currently bankrupting Greece and hurting everyone.

An independent Albania was recognised by the Powers, and defended against its hungry neighbours. Misha Glenny has undertaken a monumental task, to provide a readable, one volume history of what amounts to 13 countries over the relatively short period from Mazower, a historian, offers a short but insightful account of long-term processes and trends, with details balkana to illustrate those. In the final chapter, mosha writer expresses his feelings that the great Powers did not demonstrate the will to control the outcomes of these wars.

In this book he explores the two hundred years of mismanagement, bitterness and hatred that led up to Kosovo.

As the Ottoman Empire grew weaker, the European powers grew progressively more predatory. Jun 06, Larry Loftis rated it it was amazing.

Glenny then launches straight into narrative history: Aug 22, Huw Evans glenby it it bbalkans amazing Shelves: Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Of all the books I’ve read on blenny subject so far, Glenny’s is most sympathetic and constructive. Croats and Serbs were being played off of each other instead of being encouraged to work together to create a real nation where equality is sought.


September 25, Imprint: Also by Misha Glenny. For me, those countries were always satellites of Russia – totally wrong misconception on my part and very far from the truth.

They stirred up the nationalism and ethnic divides that have led to brutal massacres again and again, because warring groups are people easily manipulated. This unique and lively history of Balkan geopolitics since the early nineteenth century gives readers the essential historical background to recent events in this war-torn area.

The Balkans ; The Balkans (Misha Glenny, Mark Mazower)

More recent events are often frustratingly condensed or passed over. As they pushed north through Macedonia in the direction of Bitola, which according to the Serb-Greek understanding the Greeks were supposed to occupy, they became the only ablkans in the Balkan Alliance to suffer a serious military reverse at the hands of the Ottomans.

But I must respect the book’s immense ambition. Constant descriptions of this peasant uprising followed by this set of battles followed by this truce conducted by these third party Great Power leaders doesn’t give much insight into glenmy region. Tito and the Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia. The title should be at least 4 characters long.

Inside the Balkan nightmare | Books | The Guardian

Refresh and try again. As well as former Yugoslavia, it includes Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Albania, as well as the relevant information about the Ottoman empire.


There is a survival instinct that brings hope to the region. War in the Balkans. The Balkans in the Cold War.

The Influence of History. I used it as a research source when writing one of my books and I also required it to be used as a textbook when I created the course “Balkans in Peace and Conflict” while I was a professor at AMU. In doing so, he reveals that groups we think of as implacable enemies have, over the centuries, formed unlikely alliances, thereby disputing the idea that conflict in the Balkans is the ineluctable product of ancient grudges.

So i found it a bit less revelatory, but still useful for the outline of the events there. Glenny covers this large geopolitical region by picking a time or an event and writing about how it effected the different countries. This is one of those subjects that has long fascinated me but I’ve never actually had the time to sit down and find out much about it.

Misha Glenny

Grand scope, covering most relevant events and characters at proportionate length, though some balmans to come out of the blue, making it uneasy to follow. Glenny does touch on social and economic history, but usually only where it is relevant to understanding the politics.

In essence, the southeast part of Europe has been the source of serious national and ethnic strife for the past years.