beauty queen [Linda Glovach] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Go to Google Play Now». beauty queen. Front Cover. linda glovach. Bibliographic information. QR code for beauty queen. Title, beauty queen. You live for the next fix. After a while, it’s totally physical; your body has to have it. But I’m off it for good.”– Linda Glovach Young Adults’ Choices for (IRA).

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This book may be tragic and kind of scary if you are young, but it is a good thing to read to make your child never consider doing drugs. Now Sam is gone. The book is written in a sort of dairy kinda.

I feel so bad about what happened to poor Sam. I have remembered it since then for the last years. I bonded with the character and therefor, found a new passion for reading, that i hadn’t had before.

Beauty Queen

This teenage girl grew up with an alcoholic mom and she makes it sound as if she does not want to go down that road, so instead alcohol she chooses an even lower way of life and shoots up heroin. This is for young adults? Thanks for telling us about the problem. I was still thinking about it over the next few days. The story is told in diary format like the book, Go Ask Alice.


Jun 29, Miatuzlic rated it it was amazing.

The good thing about this book is that it may be dated, but it feels real, it gives the feeling of someone who is hurting, someone who is truly going through this when they are writing it. Laina January 1, at At nineteen, Sam has decided she’s never golvach to fall in love again, because her high school boyfriend dumped her for a sugar mama.

I felt that Sam was my dear friend and reading her tragic herion abuse my heart went out to her. The entire thing takes less than pages.

Yeah, liked the review as lida

Not as dark of a book as I had hoped it would be. Now there’s a harrowing book about drug abuse I also thought it was pointless for Sam’s mother and Reed to be introduced because they didn’t really have anything to do with the book. There are many glovqch books about lost teen girls.

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Beauty Queen by Linda Glovach

I ended up in Glen Cove General, almost dead. Doesn’t sounds like my thing.


Like time had stopped and I was floating on bequty cloud. What 19 year old girl uses terms like: Nicole’s father died from a heart attack caused by mixing Ritalin and speed. It’s fine, but not great. I shouldn’t have, since this book was so in depth when it came to drugs and exotic dancing but it made me really afraid to ever do drugs, and I think I kept that mentality since I still haven’t.

Like time had stopped and I was floating on a cloud. The content is very raw and would be challenged by parents, administration, and students without a doubt. I really enjoyed the book Beauty Queen but I would like to state in my opinion no book about how drugs ruin young peoples lives queen ever matched Ellen Hopkins’ at least non that I have read so far.

One of the characters in that musical, Mimi Marquez, is a heroin-addicted stripper, and though the cause of her addiction is never explained, its possible that it’s job related. Except for the 1st withdrawl scene.