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Saadhousangi Padavee Bhagati Au Bibaykee JanaJeevan Moukati Saadhoo Brahamagiaanee Hai In the company of true people, one attains a position of a devotee, an analytical person, liberated iabit and possessor of divine knowledge. United States – English?

The light divine of such a True Guru. Zalo Rated 4 out of 5 stars. On the contrary the company of ” ‘ ‘ 17 4 4: How can one discern what happens to the soul when it leaves the body?

Steeks Added | Gurmat Veechar

He is never touched by happiness or ugrdas in this state. Jaisay Jal Baran Baran Sarabang RangaBiralo Bibaykee Saadh Sangati Samaavaee As water mixes with any colour to acquire the same hue; thus a rare Sikh contemplating and practising meditation merges into the holy gathering of Guru’s devotees. One who has the process going in his mind, experiences it. Staying in that state renders complete stability to the body, mind and soul.

They exchange their emotions through letters.

He is formless, beyond the grip of j vices and is ever stable of mind. Despite living in the wheel of time, he remains protected from its wrath. His holy congregation is truth but this bhqi is realized only when one presents oneself before the True Lord Satguru. In the stupor of Naam he is seen living a life of wonders and marvels. The melody that is available with them as a result of Guru’s words is not found in any musical mode. And when he speaks, his words are sweet and full of supplication.


Nirankaar Chaar Paramaarad ParamapadaSabad Surati Avagaahan Abhiaas Hai A true servant of Guru realises the supreme state of the Absolute Lord through perpetual meditation and engrossment of his mind in the ni word. Account Options Sign in. Living in the world, makes them untouchable and unaffected by the worldly attractions.

A Guru-conscious person listens to the teachings of the True Guru and practices His words in his deeds and actions. The path of Guru-conscious people is beyond description. The air acquires fragrance or foul smell when it passes over stacks of flowers or heap of filth. He then meditates, contemplates and worships the Master Lord as a slave and serves His command and will.

But the same consciousness becomes a cause of arrogance and discord in the company of ill reputed persons. Asan Basan Sihajaasan Sanjogee SabaiRaaj Adhikaaru Tau Sapootee Grih Aavaee Each one of them has the right and opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of the palace and share the bed of the king; ‘ ‘ ” 3: Otherwise he too is one among the ignorant animal and a fool.

Even the Vedas and Shesh Naag praise the glory of such a disciple saying-great, limitless. It is not believed to exist ki heavens, nether regions nor in the worldly regions.

Kabit Savaiye Bhai Gurdas Ji Steek – Part 2

Such Sikhs are ever dyed in the hue of Naam Simran that they repeatedly meditate on like perpetually chewing betel leaf and nut. Sahaj Samaadhi Saadhasangati Sakhaa MilaapaGagan Ghataa Ghamand Jougati Kai Jaaneeai The method of meeting with the Lord God through meditation in a holy gathering is like the gathering and formation of clouds that cause rain, lightening and thunder. Millions of calmnesss seek His refuge and are amazed. This app is top best app in window store I ever seen.

They themselves become nectar-like by constant meditation on the elixir-like Naam that they keep relishing all the bhqi.

Chatur Pahar Din Jagati Chatur JougaNisi Mahaa Paralai Samaani Din Prati Hai In the four epoch world, consider the four quarters of day of life and the four quarters of night as great calamity, a game that is being played regularly. He is never ridden with duality. Baavaro Kahaavai Bhoro Aandharai Kahai SujaakhoChandan Sameep Jaisay Baasu N Soubaas Hai 19 1Just as a crazy person is addressed as simpleton, or a blind person who can see are all a crazy and wrong expressions, Similarly a bamboo tree even if it thrives in the close proximity of a Sandalwood tree cannot acquire its fragrance, so would a person l’ ” ‘ 19 It is because they are perpetually practicing meditation ghai Lord’s name.

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This app can Access your Internet gurda and act as a server. Menstruation And Fertility – Free Rated 2. Recently added support for searching gurmukhi shabad from “Shabad Kosh”. The application also provides “Live Bhhai from a variety of online content channel provider. He feels the touch of water and fire alike.

Kabit Savaiye Bhai Gurdas Ji Shabdarth Te Viyakhya Part 1

The Weather 14 days Rated 4. He does good to others while living with his family members.

Nor are there words girdas the world to describe it. One can listen to divine kirtans at the convenience of hand-held device any where, any time. You are shopping Microsoft Store in: He talks to no one and remains relishing the sweetness of Lord’s naam.

Alakh Abhayv Aparanpar Dayvaadhi DayvaAisay Gurdayv Sayv Gursikh Sant Mai 14 3 God who is beyond reach, whose secret cannot be known, who is infinite, who is God of gods, the service of such-like True Guru can only be performed in the congregation of saints and Gursikhs. Gurvas who labours on the teachings of Guru with singular mind, becomes known as a true Sikh of the Guru the world over. Paramadabhout Brahamaasan Singhaasan MaiSobhaa Sabhaa Mandal Akhandal Bilaas Hai And with the residing of the consciousness in the highest spiritual seat the tenth orificeone enjoys the strange and magnificent glory of all the spiritual planes.

Sandalwood has fragrance but the tree is without nostrils to enjoy the smell.