BIOS Disassembly Ninjutsu Uncovered – free book at E-Books Directory. You can download the book or read it online. It is made freely available by its author. BIOS Disassembly Ninjutsu Uncovered. Author, Darmawan Salihun. Author email , [email protected] Author website. Title BIOS Disassembly Ninjutsu Uncovered; Author(s) Darmawan Salihun; Publisher: A-List Publishing (October 28, ); Paperback: pages; eBook PDF.

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Welcome nlnjutsu the dark corner of BIOS reverse engineering, code injection and various modification techniques only deemed by those immensely curious about BIOS. Thank you for posting this; it went out of print before I could buy a copy of it, and I’ve been resigned to waiting for the second edition.

BIOS Disassembly Ninjutsu Uncovered [With CDROM]

Now I have ninjusu to whet my appetite while I wait. It’s great to have the copy. I sold my original because of money problems and because I thought the 2nd edition would hit the market soon.

Anyway, it’s better to have a good quality 2nd edition as to have a half-baked book. The first edition put me on a 6-month marathon to finish everything.

OpenLibra | BIOS Disassembly Ninjutsu Uncovered

I learned a lot from it. That’s why there are quite hard to understand “monster” chapters. Inspiring me to learn assembly. Was wondering though do you know how you can tell how much option rom space is available for disasxembly Well, the 2nd Edition research is still on going. I have no firm target yet.


BIOS Disassembly Ninjutsu Uncovered

I tried to finish the research this year though. Maybe find a better site for it than 4shared, which is an absolute rat’s nest of misleading advertisements and drive-by downloads? As much as bandwidth costs, supporting sites which support their unvovered by association with criminals trying to install malware on user’s PC’s is simply unethical.

You can clone it from this URL: Well, the copy rights have expired and I guess lot’s of people look forward to it. I don’t have enough bandwidth to host it. If somebody wants to host it, please do so but please notify me via email.

Full text of “BIOS Disassembly Ninjutsu Uncovered”

Anyway, mind you that this is the unedited version, not the shipping version. You might find it a little rough here and there, but the manuscript is complete. If you remember, the English version of the book is pages, but the Russian version is more than pages. Uncoverec haven’t had time to check what was missing in the English edition compared to the Russian edition.


There are two alternative places to download the book at present but be advised to try downloading from GitHub first in order not to burden the other two sites: The Rebels Haven forum: Thanks goes to Polygon who have provided the bandwidth to host the book Teddy Rogers’ tuts4you: Thanks goes to Teddy Rogers who have provided the bandwidth to host the book Happy reading: I have created a new group over at linkedin, i.

The address aliasing mentioned in Chapter 4 section 4. Somebody used a sort of CPU logic analyzer to confirm this fact. Chapter 9 section 9. Posted by Darmawan Salihun at 9: Newer Post Older Post Home. About Me Darmawan Salihun I’m a software developer and a book authormainly working on low level software developments, quite adept to Windows and Linux driver development. I’ve been using C as my programming language for about 6 years. Well, I’m back trying to catch-up with the rest of the industry in those subjects.

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