Brand of Possession: A Passionate Romance – Kindle edition by Carole Mortimer . Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Brand of Possession [Carole Mortimer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. How could she have been so very naive? When Stacy Adams. Brand of Possession by Carole Mortimer – book cover, description, publication history.

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But what I noticed is that unlike in a current romance novel, none of these things actually bother me. Two, not worrying about judging it frees my brain to travel other paths. In other words, how and why does possessiob author do what she does in this book?

Brand of Possession

Specifically, I want to talk about punishing kisses and how they function within a romance. Stacy Adams is a nineteen-year-old actress who has a bit part in a movie based on a book by Jake Weston, an enormously popular historical fiction author. But stick with me because this is great. To this point, Jake has been 1 honest about his intentions he finds her attractive and wants to sleep with her 2 respectful of her boundaries more or less, this is an early 80s HP after all and 3 insistent that he will not force her to have intimate physical relations with motrimer.


Stacy, who has a delightfully wicked temper, has just found out his true identity and is hyper pissed off at him.

So he locks her in his suite and proceeds to try to talk to her. All on page Scenes like this are where a lot of modern romance readers nope out.

Brand of Possession by Carole Mortimer #2U5S

The post was all about how the genre has grown and changed. What was Mortimer trying to accomplish here, for instance? The entire set-up of the novel to this point has been ov get this tempestuous heroine to the point where she is well and truly pissed off at the hero.

She has no choice but to feel desire, he has no choice but to make her. She has to be likeable.

Brand of Possession by Carole Mortimer #2U5S – Cooking Up Romance

He ties her up of course; whether the writer knows anything possession how kink works, what the lossession content of such scenes should be or how a person finds themselves desirous of tying up or being tied up.

In some books, it becomes all about the sex, which is too bad. But in others, we also get the freedom; in this case, the freedom to want, but not always. I think this is the reason some current romance falls flat for me.


By way of analogy, in ballroom dancing, tight turns happen when partners lean away from each other.

Brand of Possession by Carole Mortimer – FictionDB

Cleverness with tropes and hot sex stand in for emotional connection forged by the interpersonal conflict caused by genuine character flaws. This character is in service to heroine, and the reader. July 18, at 4: But I think she puts it as the freedom is to have sex without being judged.

So it is about sex, and also about freedom…. Your posdession address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

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