Program mable T im e r. CD Programmable Timer. General Description. The CDBC Programmable Timer is designed with a. stage binary counter. said circuitry and specifications. Page 7. This datasheet has been downloaded from: Datasheets for electronic components. Nexperia B.V. All rights reserved. HEFB. All information provided in this document is subject to legal disclaimers. Product data sheet.

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I have been trying to figure out how to operate this relay model FC http: I have seen both 5 and 12v hope this helps someone. The one drawback of buying datashete China is that the sellers never give enough information about the product. They may give the voltage but not the current, or where you need to know the size, that’s omitted from the description.

Texas Instruments – datasheet pdf

And there seems no easy way to ask a question about the product. I needed the schematic too so I reversed engineered it. Here it is a little late for you perhaps but hopefully it will help others. No one is going to copy the board as you can’t even buy the parts for what they sell the completed boards for with shipping!

I was hoping that someone had played with this more and had something more than the schematic, like the datasheet. I am trying to see if I can take a normally closed signal datahseet outand apply it to a normally ce4541 circuit, to make a light turn on, with this board. I wanted to use this HC relay with the Roiscok but now I am thinking I need to abandon one or both of them. Anyone have any ideas?


Amplex, You could still use this circuit. You should be able to connect your NC alarm relay in series with 12v power and VCC on the 2 conductor terminal. Then connect your light and power source in series with the NC and Common contact on the 3 conductor terminal. datashset

I dont think datwsheet matters if you use S6 or S7 if you dont need the delay function. This results in the board having power when your NC alarm relay is in normal mode. The relay board loses power when your alarm is triggered. The output relay has been open, and now shuts causing the light to dstasheet on. Things get slightly more tricky if you want the delay functions. It’s hard to trace through that board.

CD4541 Oscillator Programmable Timer

However that schematic for the FC is incomplete with some obvious errors. Q output of the CD shows connected to Vcc shorting the output. The base is always floating not great either. Rontierra, as you said “It’s hard to trace through that board” I spent hours reverse engineering the board and decided to post it to be nice.

CD Datasheet PDF –

Out of all that work I only see one omission, The 10K pullup resistor for Q3 is missing. Any one dataeheet a brain could easily see what that part of the circuit is doing even with the resistor missing. I wasn’t designing the board I was reverse engineering it to get an idea of it’s capabilities as it obviously had more than the manufacturers “datasheet” suggests.


You stated “Q output of the CD shows connected to Vcc shorting the output “.

CD4541 Datasheet

Connecting it to VCC makes Q high after reset. All I see are whiners who want everything handed cd541 them so they don’t have to think or learn and now an inconsiderate person who overstates a problem on the board and makes a real obvious error not even getting his criticism right. I wish I could pull the schematic I posted off.

I have a newer version of the schematic with the pullup resistor added and also directions on how all the inputs and outputs work. I don’t think I will be posting it any time soon.

Thanks Caspa-B, I really appreciate you taking the time to say thanks. I was so frustrated at Rontierras post that I would have retracted the schematic if i could have figured out how to do it. Now I am glad I didn’t because I posted it to help out people like you.

There must have been a few other good people in there too I guess.