The Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation tools are some of the most useful adjustments for enhancing digital images. While most people understand what is meant. You want your photos to be as sharp as possible. Of course, there is no substitute for good technique in the capture phase, but you would like to add something. Clarity Image also displayed a vari-speed controller for the AJ-HD27F VariCam. It offers smooth, real-time frame rate changes with user-defined.

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Of course, there is no substitute for good technique in the capture phase, but you would like to add something in the post-processing to make the pictures clearer and sharper. The answer is clarity. This article will show you how to add that to your photos. Clarity is a local contrast increase that focuses on the mi-tones of the image.

If differs from sharpness, because whereas increasing sharpness increases the contrast between dark and light tones, clarity increases the contrast within the middle tones of the image. How do you add clarity to your photos? To do that, just find the Clarity slider in the Basic panel of the Develop module. Increase the clarity by moving the slider to the right a bit. The Clarity slider makes a global adjustment to your image meaning it affects the entire image.

When you select that brush, you will see clarity among the sliders that you can use. Increase the clarity to the desired amount and brush the effect where you want it, on your image. I find it best to apply a slight, to moderate amount, when making Lightroom adjustments.


Think of it as a baseline.

Other areas of the image that you want to draw out can be targeted later. You may find it easier, and more precise, to make local adjustments using Photoshop, so that will be the next topic. Within Photoshop, there is no Clarity slider. If you want to add clarity to your photos within Photoshop, there is still a way to do it.

Why should you use this filter, and not the Clarity slider in Lightroom assuming you have both? Use the High Pass filter for targeted adjustments to specific areas that you want to draw out in your picture.

Note that this process will create a global adjustment to your image. To turn it into a local adjustment, create a layer mask to apply the effect only where you want it.

Four Ways to Improve Your Photos With the Clarity Slider in Lightroom

That will create a black layer mask. A black layer mask hides the effect everywhere. Now use a white brush to clsrity on the mask in the effect where you want it. Vaarispeed the Opacity slider to control the degree to which the effect is applied by your brush you can also adjust the layer opacity.

Another way to add a degree of clarity to your photos is to increase the local contrast, with the best way being a Curves Adjustment Layer.

This is another tool for making targeted adjustments. They key here is to select an area and then increase the contrast just within that area. Be sure you select targeted areas and use this method to draw out the contrast.

Clarity Image VariSpeed Controller : Panasonic VariCam

It will add clarity and texture to that portion of the picture you want only, not the entire image. There is another tool you can use to add clarity to your photos.


It is a plug-in by Topaz that is named, appropriately enough, Clarity. Clarity by Topaz divides contrast into different components ranging from Micro contrast, to High contrast, and provides a varispees for each.

That allows you to reach different parts of the picture and affect contrast in different ways. The best part of Clarity is the Micro contrast, although this often requires offsetting adjustments to other areas of contrast.

That is the greatness of this plug-in: It allows you to add some clarity and texture to your pictures without blowing out your highlights or losing your shadow detail.

You can also effect saturation, brightness, and other controls from within Clarity.

4 Ways to Make Your Photos Stand Out with the Clarity Slider

That way, after you have made your changes in Clarity and you have gone back to Photoshop, you can mask in or out the effect varispsed whatever degree, and in whatever areas of your image, you wish. For example, you might make a minor global adjustment to Clarity in Lightroom, then take it into Photoshop and make a series of Curves Adjustment Layers to bring out certain areas. When you are done, you can use the High Pass filter to highlight key areas of your photo in Photoshop.