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ZEN refers to the series of portable media player designed and manufactured by Creative Technology Limitedthe names of which start with the word ZEN, e. Three of Creative Technology’s players won the Best of CES award [1] [2] [3] from to in their respective categories, with one winning the overall award. They are bundled with device drivers and Creative MediaSource, a media player that includes transferring and syncing creatiive exclusively for the players.

As of [update]Creative has not released new Zen players for seven years, and firmware updates for six years. In addition, their website designates the Zen line as “archived”. It creagive X-Fi Crystallizer. Primary function of the Crystallizer is to “restore portions of the sound which were lost during compression”.

The “compression” that is meant here is not the digital file-size reduction achieved by digital audio data compression technologies like for example mp3. Rather, the idea is to reverse the effects of dynamic range compression.

X-Fi Expand allows you to experience surround sound effect on your earphones. It supports Bluetooth 2. Despite its small form size, the player manua, a full range of features including FM radio, photo and video playback, built-in microphone as well as a microSD slot to expand your music and photo library ezn the player.

Creative released an updated firmware 1. The first ZEN with Android 2. A firmware to update the player to Android 2.

Creative ZEN X-Fi2 User Manual

The player features a 2. The battery life is rated at 25 hours for music and 5 hours for video. However, the expansion slot is omitted. Both the and models have the same portrait design similar to Creative’s ZEN Mozaic, as well as the same sized screen as the Mozaic, at 1. The series features an alarm, calendar, voice recorder, and video and photo support. The Zen Style also includes a built-in speaker and FM radio.

The battery life is rated at 32 hours for music and 4 hours for video. It includes many features of the X-Fi, including flash memory, X-Fi audio enhancements, and expandable memory. However, there are several notable differences between the two. The X-Fi2 features a full touchscreen user input mode, unlike the original’s keypad-esque input method.

Compared to similarly featured models from competitors, creaitve is lower priced as well. As with most other models, the Zen X-Fi2 charges via USB port, but can also be charged using a separately available wall adapter.

An Application Development Kit based on the Lua programming language is offered [8] for homebrew applications and games. It shares the same form factor as the ZEN, but a few cosmetic changes in addition to a few changes in firmware resulted in a fairly stripped down, and thus cheaper retailing version of the player. The Mozaic features a 1. It also includes features such as a built-in FM radio, voice recorder, and picture viewer.

The ZEN Mozaic EZ is nearly identical in terms of function to the original Mozaic, but supports plug and play and only comes cerative solid colors black, silver or pink. The package includes a set of EP headphones, and a built in speaker.

  BC807-40 NXP PDF

It also supports wireless media streaming from a home network, similar to a Windows Media Center Extender. The player is 0. The first models branded as a “Zen” were then released under creatige now-defunct NOMAD line, and have an anodized aluminium case. It had the distinct ability to connect via USB 1.

[SOLVED] Creative Zen X-Fi 2 [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Up to 14 hours of continuous audio playback is achieved by the rechargeable battery, and an optional wired remote gives the player an FM tuner and microphone. Included with the player was MediaSource, the music management software that would be used crewtive subsequent Zen players. The package includes the player, a leather case with belt-clip, a lithium ion battery, a USB cable, and a pair of standard earbuds.

The Zen Xtra does not support the FM tuner from the original Zen and does not have recording functionality. The SanDisk Sansa eR would later be mnaual only other player to have this feature. The Zen Touch has a smaller form factor and larger backlit blue display in a curved industrial design. In addition, the device uses a touch-sensitive vertical strip on the front of the unit for easier file navigation. These changes were enabled by the use of Hitachi ‘s smaller 1.

Unlike the previous two generations, the Zen Touch does not have a removable battery, and plays audio for approximately 24 hours. Even though the battery is not removable, it can be replaced rather easily since the crextive is closed with screws only and the battery attaches with a connector.

The ZEN Micro was released on November 12,[17] and is a microdrive player available in 10 colors. It is also the first ZEN release that sports the new branding, including capitals for all letters in Zen. The ZEN Micro is much smaller than the Touch and shares a similar interface and controls including the touchpad, without the ‘OK’ button.

Making a selection would be done by tapping zrn touchpad. The Micro has a removable battery rated to last for up to 12 hours of continuous playback. Accessories for the ZEN Micro include matching color speakers, wireless headsets and a wired remote control. The first 35, units shipped worldwide were packaged as a “Limited Edition” package that came with an additional rechargeable battery.

Asian models of the Limited Edition included the extra battery and a wired remote control. The ZEN, however, has a magnesium back-casing and the battery is unremovable. This model was initially available in the Asia-Pacific region, but soon became available in the US through Craetive SoundWorks, a subsidiary of Creative. The front has a piano black finish, and the back is anodized aluminium that comes in ten colors.

The Creative ZEN Neeon was criticized highly at the time of release for having a slow interface, more specifically slow start-up, menus and song switch. As well, the first released models came with a Windows virus. Like the Zen Micro, this unit has an FM tuner and a microphonebut also has a line in record function. The device is also accompanied by a new marketing creagive, Put a Face to Your Musicwith emphasis on a whole new range of customizable “Stik-Ons”, which are decal stickers that can be placed and removed from the face craetive the unit.

Due to its c-fi2 battery, the player can play up to 15 hours of continuous playback, 3 hours longer than its predecessor. Like its predecessors, it can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook’s calendar, address book, and memo functions.

The player has a battery life of up to 20 hours. There are some features of the ZEN Vision which ccreative compatibility with certain operating systems, e. The ZEN Vision has a 3. An adapter for other memory card types is also available as an accessory.


The ZEN Vision also supports an optional infrared remote. The zne has an estimated battery life of 16 hours for audio, and five hours for videos tested under continuous playback. Album art is shown during playback, and image-viewing is enhanced with pan, zoom and rotation abilities. D-fi2 the other players in the Vision and Micro lines, this model is known for its glowing button symbols.

This version manuwl a USB host adapter cable, which enables users to transfer photos from a digital camera directly to the player. The player is a rebranded MuVo N It has a battery-life of up to 18 hours using an AAA battery. Like the Micro and the MicroPhoto, the Nano is available in ten colors: Zfn rechargeable lithium-ion battery plays up to 20 hours of continuous audio playback and up to 8 hours of video playback, the highest for any Creative digital audio player.

Like its predecessor, decal stickers called “Stik-Ons” are sold separately to customize the look of the Neeon 2’s frontplate, though they cannot be interchanged.

The players and their “Stik-Ons” are only available in Australia, Singapore and several other Asian countries. Like the ZEN Vision: M, a built-in microphone and an FM tuner are included, as well as support for the same media formats, a similar graphical interface and the ability to sync organizer data from Microsoft Outlook. It also includes a CompactFlash reader for extra capacity and the direct upload of images. Coated in glossy plastic, the player is available in black, white, blue, pink, green, and red.

It is the first player in the ZEN line to have the following features: Creative’s first flash -based portable media player was released on June 20, The players support the same formats as the Vision: M, while the videos will be trans coded upon transfer. There are also built-in microphones for voice recording, as well as wires for line-in recording.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a life span of up to 15 hours of continuous audio playback. The touchpads are managed by Synaptics controllers. These two products had been featured in an increasing mannual of television commercials, print ads, and urban billboards. Creative Labs, the American subsidiary of Creative Technology Limitedwas awarded a patent on a music management interface now commonly seen on audio players, including the Apple iPod by the US Patent and Trademark Office on 25 August[42] having applied zrn it on 5 January M, Creative announced that it would “aggressively pursue” respect of its patents, addressing “all manufacturers that use the same navigation system.

Creative announced on 15 Mayx–fi2 it had launched a lawsuit against Apple for the infringement of the ZEN patent [46] Creative also asked the US Trade Commission to investigate whether Apple was breaching trade laws by importing iPods into the US[47] which was then counter-sued by Apple on the same day, filing two lawsuits for infringing their patents.

Creative distributes creaative software with many of their players to help users manage their player. Third-party alternatives have been developed to enable legacy OS compatibility as well as compatibility with other operating systems.

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