There are two major objectives for this reference. One is to recommend practices that should be followed by clubs wishing to use DCC operations in conjunction. layouts. This manual gives many ideas, but in general remember that there .. layouts are now powered with. DCC. For very large NTRAK layouts with multi . In , NTRAK adopted a “Recommended Practice” (RP) for track wiring on mod-. The wiring practices described are based on Best Practices which have been demonstrated to work, both in a home layout and large modular layouts.

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Be sure to keep trains running on the other tracks whenever one track is shut down for staging. Some sound decoders are sold with sounds for a specific prototype locomotive while others offer a custom sound download feature. Good preparation will reduce the number of problems when interfacing your module with others for the first time.

Continue testing and adjusting until the coin layuts produces a shutdown condition.

Wireless throttles transmit to a receiver using either Infra-Red IR like a TV remote control or radio, and provide complete flexibility for running your train. How does this all relate to the voltage drop issue and the size of wire used? They offer close up viewing and maximum train action. Be sure to purchase these batteries from stores that sell lots of batteries to ensure the new batteries are fresh, and not nearing the end of their shelf life.

Here are some reasons to consider taking up modular railroading: The plating was all gone in some spots and they were corroding. Since there are NTRAK layouts where both DCC and Aristo throttles are used, some modules with passing sidings have been modified so that Aristo power can be fed from both directions independently thus allowing bi-directional operation. No, create an account now. Do you already have an account? It will not necessarily work for everyone.

A third UR91 might be needed on very large layouts. No other industry was using them and in light of that to expect they would continue to be manufactured was wishful thinking. To ensure the equipment is returned to its rightful owner after the Show is over, all digital components and equipment should be labeled with the owner’s name or some other well-known clearly identifiable marking.

So we have, what may very well become the beginning of the cleaving of Ntrak that I mentioned in my first post. Before starting it would be useful to attend a meet where modules are set up and operating and discuss the pros and cons of both module types and then decide which type best suits your goals. Is it cost, the effort to replace the wiring on you module, the difficulty in finding the fir parts?


NTRAK Standards and Recommended Practices

If, during the Show, locomotive response to the throttle becomes sluggish, or if locomotives will not switch direction on command, or if the top locomotive in a consist seems to respond faster than the other units, do the following:.

Getting a layours ready for a scheduled meet will do wonders for a builders speed and concentration! Sometimes the inspector is just having a bad day.

No changes should be made to either the digital design of the layout or the operating procedures without the agreement and approval of the Master. This did run in the NTrak newsletter, which I occasionally receive. In the past a person wanting to see model trains in operation had to seek out a club or home layout that was open ntrqk the public.

Form 19 is used to communicate to layout operators any changes to the normal Show Operating Procedures, usually due to local conditions at the show venue.

It interprets signals provided to it from throttles and converts them into the data packets that will control the locomotive and its functions.

If you are mostly using home locomotives and will only be programming the address and CV29, then use the programming track with a DTxxx throttle.

So the 12 gauge wire is not the solution all by itself. Booster are available with different current outputs, anywhere from 2. Special information and rules are included throughout this document for large NTRAK layouts in excess of recommende these are clearly marked.

If trains are run while the track is still wet, then the train will spread any dirt that is coming off wheels or the residue of the cleaner all over the layout.

Get Started with model railroading. Most Ntrak clubs I know used 16 gauge wire. The standards set the interoperability point as the track, which means that nrtak DCC system from any DCC manufacturer will work with any manufacturer’s decoder. There is also a great deal of recomkended on this web site targeted specifically at the Digital Master.

NTRAK Standards and Recommended Practices | NRMRC

Stress Test Always test everything before beginning normal operations. The best way to assure this is to conduct a “coin” test. For Larger Layouts In order to manage Command Station memory slots and keep locomotives with identical addresses from interfering with each other, there should be a programming station set up, using the PR1 or Decoder Pro, to program every locomotive that will be used on the layout, and then to release dispatch those addresses when the locomotives finish their run.


If extra is added at the rear, the skyboard should still come forward in some manner to match the standard position. The use of address 00 can cause several different problems, especially if the DCC system is heavily loaded, or if address 00 is dispatched from the system with a speed other than These could take several forms, such as a red-colored map tack or a blue- or orange-colored insertable sign placed in the middle of the tracks between ties at each side of the insulated gaps.

The two main lines and a branch line. Share This Page Tweet. Someone walking between you and the receiver can block the signal. You want to share this hobby and display your work with the public to encourage new modelers and promote model railroading. Persons who want to run longer trains have the opportunity to take a module to one of the many NTRAK meets during the year and to be part of a large layout. Sets Booster as Non Auto-Reversing. How do you decide which method to use?

DCC for NTRAK and T-TRAK Layouts | NRMRC

If you find a place or practiecs to gather occasionally, everyone brings their own module and you make a temporary layout and hold operating sessions. As your interest and skills grow, you can add a module or modules or perhaps custom-detail a locomotive or even a whole train! All trains under control of the throttle are receiving the same voltage with the same polarity and running in the same direction.

Older modules can still be used but the Oractices plugs either have to be replaced by Powerpole connectors or the module owner has to supply conversion cables to convert the CJ plugs to Powerpoles. Analog operation is accomplished by stretching pulses to simulate a variable voltage power pack. There are several reasons: Okay that last post was way over my head so let’s bring it practicex to my level.