De conformidad con el artículo 20 del Decreto de , es función de esta Subdirección absolver las consultas escritas que se formulen. Decreto del Presidente de la República de Colombia No. del 26 de , por and its accompanying resolutions by the DIAN. La Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales (conocida como ‘DIAN’ por sus siglas), es una Unidad Administrativa Especial (UAE) del Gobierno.

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Electronic Mailbox Protection Act. Merchandise Marks Act Act No. Freedom of Information Act Child Trafic and Pornography Act Unofficial Consolidation of the Patents Rules dr with Amendments of, and Penal Code of Senegal.

Copyright Amendment Decree No.

Law Decree on the Protection of Industrial Designs. Act on Digital Signature Act.

Exponotas Edición 41

Copyright and Neighborings Rights Code. The Merchandise Marks Act Chapter Constitution of the Republic of Nicaragua.

Act on Competition Restrictions. Regulation of the Council of Ministers of decreyo Julyon the exemption of certain categories of agreements concluded between entrepreneurs in connection with the performance of insurance activity from the prohibition of agreements that restrict competition. Regulation on E-Commerce Law. Implementing Regulations to the Convention for the European patent for the common market.


Roll of Successful Examinees in the NURSE LICENSURE

Constitution of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau. Copyright Border Protection Dexreto Berne Convention for the protection of Literary and Artistic Works. Plant Patent Amendments Act. Royal Decree of June 17, which modifies the Decree-Law on the expedition, from the Intellectual Property Office, of documents and information services on intellectual property matter. Industrial Designs Regulations wiht Subsequent Amendments.

Constitution of the Republic of Gambia. Measures implementing the Law on Industrial Designs. Ancient Monuments and Antiquities Act. Law relative to the artistic subject frauds consolidated version at September 22, Law of Transparency 404 Access to Public Information.

The Marketing Control Act. Geographical Indications Protection Act, Industrial Property Act, – Cap. Competition Appeal Tribunal Rules Intellectual Property Office Act The Constitution of Zanzibar. Penal code of Dominican Republic. Patents and Designs Rules, as amended up to the 15th June Law Of Trade Names.

Resolution 61 establishing the bases for the economic changes between the institutions and the artists and creators. Benelux Convention on Trademarks. Federal Law of Telecommunications. Commission Directiva of 25 Juneon the transparency of financial relations between Member States and public undertakings.


Laws of Republic of Indonesia No. Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Federal Law on Designs Protection. Competition Act amendment The Antiquities Ordinance, No.

DIAN & BANREP by Sebastián Rivera on Prezi

Federal Electronic Signature Law. Constitution of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Trade Marks Act consolidated text of of January 1,incorporating amendments up to July 1, Trade Marks Regulations Law of Copyright and Related Law.