printer. NOTE: The Owner’s Manual may not be available in your country or region. . Dell MFP. Laser cn. Displays the printer product name. IP Address. Dellâ„¢ Multifunction Color Laser Printer cn User’s Guide Notes, Notices, and Connect a USB cable from the Dell MFP Laser cn to your computer. Click the links to the left for information on the features, options, and operation of your multifunction printer. For information on other documentation included with.

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To select the default line type.

Pressuntil the desired volume appears, and then press. To confirm the print jobs that are being processed. To share a locally-attached printer on the network, you need to share the multifunction printer, and then install the shared printer on network clients: To verify the histories of copying. To scan and send an item to a program, click the program icon and then scan the item.

Discard SizeOnDiscards any excess document at the bottom of the page. Select Paper Source to Tray 1.

Insert the wireless printer adapter into the USB socket with the Dell logo of the adapter facing out. Do either of the following: Understanding MenusPage 56 of 61Purpose: To set the output quality. After executing this function and 3115ch the printer, all wireless network settings are reset to their default values. Installing Optional ModulesPage 43 of 48a.


Add PhoneBook Entry Purpose: The Properties dialog box appears, click on the Sharing tab, and then select Advanced Sharing. Print Media DimensionsThe multipurpose feeder accepts print media within the following dimensions: Place a single document face down on the document feeder glass.

Used when auto-detecting the PostScript communication protocol. Well-chosen typefaces uder a document easier to read. Insert the tray into the multifunction printer, and push until it stops. You must log in as an administrator to use this feature. Port NumberDisplays the port number for receiving requests from the client.

To protect the drums of the print cartridges against bright light, close the front cover withinfive minutes. When a test page prints successfully, printer installation is complete. An optional multi-protocol card is required to display the item. To print a sample of the available PCL fonts.

If the manufacturer needs to be contacted, the customer must pay an additional fee for that support. Pressuntil Number of Copies appears. See No dial tone sounds. ExecutiveSets the document size in Executive. The roller is located approximately mm 6.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Manually enter the gateway address using the directional buttons on Control Panel and press the button. Installing Optional ModulesPage 25 of Do not overfill the print media sources. Enter your user login name in the Enter the object names to select box Example of user login name, Myself.


You can also assign the IP address to the multifunction printer when installing the printer drivers with installer.

Dell 3115cn Color Laser Printer User Manual

If the Available Scanner dialog box does not appear, click the Select Specifies whether to use the refilled print cartridge or not. The lamp automatically turns on and thewarm-up cycle begins whenever any key is pressed or the document cover is opened. When the test is completed, Print is displayed. See “Contacting Dell” in the Owner’s Manual orin this manual.

WirelessSettingsSpecifies the name userr identifies the wireless network. The 2 Sided menu is only available when the optional duplexer is installed on the multifunctionprinter.

Dell CN : All in One Printer User Manual

To specify the number of redial attempts, Dell does not provide warranty coverage for problems caused by using accessories, parts, or components not supplied by Dell. This function is required after the multifunction printer is set up or moved.

Installing Optional ModulesPage 8 of Press thebutton until Capability ECM appears, then press the5.

Dell” in the Owner’s Manual or in this manual.