Delusions of Gender has ratings and reviews. Cordelia Fine, a psychologist, decided to write this book after discovering her son’s kindergarten. In Delusions of Gender the psychologist Cordelia Fine exposes the bad science, the ridiculous arguments and the persistent biases that blind. fascinating on the blurring of the line between pathological delusions and the Cordelia Fine is a Research Associate at the Centre for Agency, Values and.

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In Delusions of Gendershe unravels the myth that we can chalk up gender differences to our neurology. Because it is hilarious.

Surveying the data, Fine finds very scant evidence for the assumption that women are more empathic than men; there is no magical female ability to read people’s thoughts, and slight differences in young children could easily be due to parents talking more to infant girls. One can see, then, how all of these areas work together to create continuing perceptions of different abilities. Is this a TERF book? How gratifying to find authors who know their stuff, have the necessary tools to analyse and critique, and who take the time to pick holes in the commercial follies of these pseudo-scientific wanna-be-never-could-so-better twist-everything-to-please-myself-and-make-a-fast- f buck-simultaneously authors.

Take this, for example: Are girls biologically geared toward the humanities and males toward the hard sciences?

Delusions of Gender – Wikipedia

Things I have heard, which I really wish I hadn’t: The footnote says, “This is a joke, rather than a scientific fact. Why is a pan “feminine” to a monkey? The section about gender-neutral parenting stood out to me too. Surely others will follow where she has led? I’m certainly convinced of that.

If testers know the sex of a baby as they usually willthat may skew how they interact. In fact — and this is a rare achievement for a book — it started me re-assessing my life from way back and seeing … well, seeing how often I genver lived within gender assumptions and even played to them just because it made life not simply easier, but pleasanter.

Fine explores how stereotypes and the lack of role models work against women in the workplace and in education. She dedicates a large portion of the book to knocking down neurosexism.


Delusions of Gender: The Real Science Behind Sex Differences by Cordelia Fine

The clearest and most extreme example I can come up with is inventing a new chess opening. I cannot begin to tell you how cordeliaa I am about this.

Indeed, this book seems to be on board with difference feminism in the chapter, “Backwards and in High Heels” i. Advice for the author: The one concept that sticks with me the most is that of stereotype threat.

Delusions of Gender (Paperback)

It seems fallacious gender research gets a free pass as long as it’s sexist in the right direction. And occasionally the scientific terms get a tad bit overwhelming, but if you want a readable academic book about neurosexism, you aren’t going to find a better, more interesting, more readable book.

Gender norms are reinforced all around the child: CVs with female names are rated lower and receive fewer responses than identical ones geender male names. An overall thesis of the work is the negative impact for sex equality of neurosexism popular or academic neuroscientific claims that reinforce or justify gender stereotypes in ways that are not scientifically justified.

It also has a very youthful, funky format, though not comic book. For example, she explains weaknesses in the work done by a student of Simon Baron-Cohen that has been widely cited by the Gurian Instituteby Leonard Saxby Peter Lawrenceand by Baron-Cohen himself: This is dordelia position most feminists take very strongly, and it’s clearly an innate psychological difference between men and women. There is a remarkable example in the book — a kind of Tiresias moment Tiresias being a Greek turned into a woman for seven years to settle a bet between the gods – where a female lawyer undergoes a delusionw change operation and overhears someone say that he has proven to be much smarter than his sister.

New Research, Old Problems: I did learn some interesting things. Halpernco-author of the article “The Science of Sex Differences in Genfer and Science” [15] that Fine criticizes in Delusions of Gender, reviewed delusjons book and concluded that it was “strongest in exposing research conclusions that are closer to fiction than science It is not likely to make you more successful competitively, since most new openings are soon refuted and fall into disuse; the rational thing to do from this point of view is to use other people’s openings.


Delusions of Gender – Icon Books

Please see my full review at http: Find it on Scholar. Women, it seems, are just too intuitive for math, men too focused for housework. Fine, who works in psychology and appears to know the literature delusiions, demonstrates that this story absolutely fails to stand up to critical examination.

We have all heard and perhaps told stories like the following. Well, alright there was this guy: Simon Baron-Cohen reviewed the book in The Psychologist. Our brains are malleable and heavily influenced by external factors, which, more often than not, are working against us, and these factors need to be honestly discussed by scientists who enter into this field of work.

Soon I shall be reading this “vehement dismantling of the latest pseudo-scientific claims about the differences between the sexes. All we get to see are the blobs of colour lighting up — and we assume someone smarter than us has worked out that those blobs mean something significant.

Just way till I cordslia my hands on a computer!

cordeliq In other words, emphasizing gender makes us more stereotypical; it reminds us how we are supposed to behave and what our strengths and weaknesses should be. Dslusions page was last edited on 27 Octoberat But the presentation of these studies often seemed to exaggerate them.

As it turns out, Cordelia Fine has an accessible writing style and is able to take complex concepts and explain them in relatively simple terms, so I never found myself lost or confused.

Lists with This Book. It may very well turn out that women are superior to men, but they can’t simultaneously be better and the same. In a study showing evidence in favor of biological explanations for gender differences in behavior, the author would rightly lambaste the study for using self-reports valid evidence. Her demolition of just a small section of The Female Brain is worth the price of the book. Chapters address real vs.

She exposes shockingly lightweight research that is taken seriously and nuanced research that is misreported.