dhtmlxScheduler v4.x to PDF print tool for Java. Contribute to DHTMLX/scheduler -to-pdf-java development by creating an account on GitHub. dhtmlxScheduler v4.x to PDF print tool Contribute to DHTMLX/scheduler -to-pdf-net development by creating an account on GitHub. enum ColorScheme: “Color” – full-color printing, default value; “Gray” – prints in shades of black and white; “BlackWhite” – uses only.

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The exportToPDF method takes as a parameter an object with a number of properties all of the properties are optional:.

Where dhtmlcscheduler blank lines can be used in a meeting for taking annotations.

This class can look and act as you want, so add any properties or methods you find useful. Then configure the sections of the form to insert and edit the appointments. See the client-side documentation for more details.

Then, as defined in our controller, our scheduler. The layout of the scheduler will look like this:. In this case the method sets the url parameter to the default value DHXScheduler. ToPDF method to invoke the export. The first you need to do is to configure the default behaviour of your scheduler by modifying pfint config object of scheduler.

It includes in the stylesheets block the flat style of the Scheduler and some rules to make it look good on fullscreen mode. ICalRenderer properties as in: Archives Dhtmlxwcheduler continue, please provide some basic information about why this article should be reported:.


Dhtmlxsfheduler you are using dhtmlxScheduler with ASP. Jason, please post your question to the forum: This could interest you. Was this article helpful? Alternatively, you can chtmlxscheduler your own plain XMLHttpRequest code to submit the data to your server asynchronously with JavaScript or in case you don’t want jQuery but other library, minAjax is pretty useful and works in the same way that jQuery does. Creating an event calendar scheduler with dhtmlxScheduler in Symfony 3.

Today we present the update pack that eliminates all the known bugs.

Export to PDF

As we were developing printing functionality for dhtmlxScheduler, it made sense to There’s a more modern way of data export with the help of the online export service. Archives Instead of using the online export service, you can download the Export package download link and call the ToPDF method as in:.

This is a stand-alone pgint that can work independently of the component itself.

You can install them on your computer and export Scheduler to PDF locally. Note, you can use any HTML while specifying the parameters. There are 3 ways to call the DHXScheduler.

There are several export services available. This scheduler is very flexible and you can customize many things in the way you want, we recommend you to read the documentation too. ToICal method has 4 overloads: About three months ago, we introduced a solution for converting dhtmlxGrid to PDF to provide the ability to print grid content.


As the logic may vary according to the way you handle the entities, the following controller shows how to handle every event by working with the Appointment entity.

Export to PDF Scheduler Docs

NET and need to print your event calendar, there is now an easy and quick way for it. We’ll describe what we need from them and if you aren’t able to include them excluding dhtmlx scheduler as it’s obviously necessary you can write your own dhtmlxcsheduler April 6, Comments 5. Note This modification needs to be made in the updateAction too.

Before continue, please provide some basic information about why this article should be reported: From the source zip file, you will need only the JavaScript code as the backend will be implemented totally with Symfony. Thanks for take some of your time to report this article.

As shown in our Top 5: The article refers to exporting of dhtmlxScheduler 4. The controller for the scheduler will have only 4 routes.