Buy Hobbywing EzRunA-SL ESC 1/10 Car: Electric Speed Controllers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. This is the Hobbywing EZRun 60A Sensorless Brushless ESC. This 60A ESC is perfect for 1/10 scale sport action and features easy. This is the Hobbywing EZRun 60A Sensorless Brushless ESC and Motor Combo, with included Program Box. This combo combines a 60A.

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Reliable hardware combined with advanced software technology allows the EZRUN ezrin to not only provide high power output but also overload protection of the ESC circuit. With the strong torque and excellent output, the EZRUN 60A can definitely cater for all the esrun hungry requirements that professional drivers need.

Hobbywing patented heat-conductive copper bar cover on the power board of the EZRUN 60A, which can efficiently and effectively transfer heat to the integrated CNC machined billet aluminum heat sink housing, combined with high-performance cooling fan can keep your ESC as cool as possible. Multiple ways of ESC programming supported: Hobbywing upgrades its ESC firmware regularly giving you upgraded features more often when available.


All the wire length above is ezeun original length ezurn the length you see from the outside. Check if the throttle cable has been plugged into the wrong channel or reversely plugged into the TH channel on the receiver and the transmitter has been switched on. The neutral throttle value stored on your ESC might be different from the current value stored on the transmitter.


The neutral range on the transmitter wasn’t stable, and its trembling caused unstable signals. Recalibrate the throttle range, or use throttle “trim” on the transmitter to calibrate the nuetral position.

Check the fan to see if it works normally, continue ezrhn use the ESC after it cools down, or change a pinion with fewer teeth, a motor with low KV rating to reduce load.

Reversely plugged the programming cable into the port on program box or plugged the programming cable into the wrong port on program box. Ways of ESC Programming. Regular Firmware Updates Free of Charges. The ESC started to smoke right after it was powered on.

Possible Cause s Solution s 1. Backward installation of batteries.

The input voltage was beyond the ESC operating voltage. Refer to the user manual and plug in a suitable battery. Water or other 60q material got into the non-waterproof ESC and caused the short circuit.

Do not drive your vehicle into a puddle or rain. No power was supplied to the ESC. The ESC switch was damaged. Replace the broken switch.

Check the battery voltage. The ESC didn’t detect any throttle signal. Move the throttle trigger to the neutral position, recalibrate the throttle 6a. Need to increase the neutral width on the ESC.

Didn’t calibrate the throttle range properly. The throttle signal was lost.


The ESC was damaged due to overload. Poor contact between the ESC and motor connections. Check if gold-plated connectors are loose or poorly soldered.

The ESC was damaged.

The ESC started to smoke right after it was powered on.

Return the ESC to its manufacturer for repair. The motor was damaged. Return the motor to its manufacturer for repair. Poor discharing capability of the pack. Change another pack with great discharging capability. Change a low-speed motor, or increase the FDR. Recalibrate the throttle range. Swap any two wire connections between the ESC and the motor. The chassis was different from eztun chassis.

ezruh Something wrong with the ESC or the program box. The throttle cable was not plugged into the right channel but other channel like ST channel. Plug the throttle cable into the channel marked with “TH” letters on the receiver. The throttle cable was reversely plugged into the channel.

Check the corrensponding mark on the receiver and then plug in the throttle cable correctly. LED program Box sold separately.

HobbyWing eZRunA-SL Brushless ESC for 1/10 RC Car (Version 2)

Signal Coupler sold separately. Rotor Replacement Tool sold separately. The battery voltage was beyond the normal operationg voltage range of the ESC.