Book “Lezioni di Ricerca Operativa” (in Italian): . [1] M. Fischetti, ” Worst-Case Analysis of an Approximation Scheme for the Subset-Sum Problem”, . Teacher in charge, MATTEO FISCHETTI ยท [email protected], MAT/09 Matteo Fischetti, Lezioni di Ricerca Operativa. Padova: Progetto, Cerca nel . Main course: Ricerca operativa e Ottimizzazione / Operation Research And Optimization Matteo Fischetti, Lezioni di Ricerca Operativa. Progetto Libreria.

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Top Italian Scientists in Mathematics: Book “Lezioni di Ricerca Operativa” in Italian: Plenary speaker at MatheuristicAngra dos Reis, September Chair of the international Program Committee for the meeting “Integer Programming lezikni Combinatorial Optimization”, First International Prize “Best Ph. Revolution” jointly with the Netherlands Railways team: Winner of the Harold Larnder Prize awarded annually to an individual who has achieved international distinction in Operational Operativ, Methods and Studies B.


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