The acidly funny first book starring the subversive sleuth in one of the most successful mystery series of all time. Fletch is an investigative reporter whose. : Fletch and the Man Who (): Gregory Mcdonald: Books. Fletch [Gregory McDonald] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . Fletch Irwin Fletcher. A down-and-out beach bum among the drug-ridden.

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But why not let those words speak for themselves? So he skipped ahead a volume and wrote Confess, Fletchset in his native Boston.

Fletch (Fletch, #1) by Gregory McDonald

Listed in the order in which they were written. Nevertheless, “Fletch” is about as good as a detective book can be without also being something more, and that’s still pretty damned good. So, I rushed off to my local library and checked out “Fletch. Hi Steve, thanks very much for the comments.

Fletch Series

The main plot of both remains the same. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If my mother had named me Irwin, I probably would have never spoken to her again. Really, really funny too! Not surprisingly, it’s not based on any of Mcdonald’s novels.

I think the character of Fletch had potential but there were some aspects of his character like him throwing his girlfriend’s cat out a 7-story window that I could tell were the author’s intention of making the character endearing to the fleth but that instead made me dislike him. But in the book the classic male aloofness has the darker edge that was common to pulp detectives. Jul 08, Dipanjan rated it it was amazing Shelves: As an aside, a movie was made from the book starring Chevy Chase as Fletch.


Sizzling dialog throughout, a great hook, lots of humor, and a well-developed mystery. Journalism may feed upon itself. Frequent Quotes from Gregory Mcdonald “The magic I attempt is to point the finger, as concisely as possible set the scene, then pull back my hand, disappear as the mcodnald, leave the reader alone with the characters. To see one of the smartest, most complex characters in fiction reduced to the status of a clown broke my gletch.

Fletch, at least when we initially meet him, is a hotshot LA-based newspaper reporter beset by a hypertense and demanding editor, two ex-wives hungry for alimony although arguably hungrier for Fletch himselfand a coterie of military men determined to award Fletch a Bronze Star he doesn’t want.

Fletch is an awesome protagonist. Comparing a law practice with an escort service can be beneficial. It’s tightly plotted, the dialogue’s fun, and it moves right along, but it’s one of greglry books where the main character is just untouchable, you know he can never be beaten, ever, at anything, in any way, he’s always right, always, about everything, always, and along the way he’s going to put everyone else in their place, especially the women, the pesky women.

Thus far this year, I’ve read nine books including this book, Fletch, published in And to be blunt, the book version of Fletch is kind of a prick. Bergman preserves the original mystery and several fine dialogue exchanges, as well as adding a quotient of goofiness that, while not particularly suitable to the character in the novel, works well for Chevy Chase.

Mcdonald has mentioned being intimated by some critics declaring this book a classic instantly upon publication. His first novel met with a mixed reception, however, and he made his living as a Boston Globe reporter and editor until the instant success of Fletch gave him the freedom to quit.


The sequel, Fletch Lives? One of the all-time richest veins of movie quotes is Fletch. Edgar Allan Poe Award, A jawline like a shovel scoop. Buy this DVD Includes both films.

Fletch and the Widow Bradley 5. Fletch’s Moxie, Inference: The film based on this novel is an under-rated title that I’ve seen probably 4 times, the most recent time being maybe 10 years ago.

He has two ex-wives, seems to have collected a lot of disapproval for his stories and when we first flefch him he looks like any other bumlolling around on a California beach with other dropouts looking for their next drug fix. You’ve got to like Fletch, the edgy, hard-boiled news reporter. Full list of the books is as follows, thanks to Fantastic Fiction: Books by Gregory McDonald.

Fletch Series by Gregory McDonald

This book is a well-executed mystery, with f,etch to get you thinking but not give away the ultimate end-game. Will Fletch be able to solve the riddle of the drug dealing on the beach, grefory the seemingly healthy Stanwyck wants to die, keep his job and stay out of jail for non-payment of alimony, all in one week?

Jun 12, Dave rated it it was amazing. Trivia About Fletch Fletch, 1. Jul 08, Janet Aileen rated it it was amazing.