World(int worldWidth, int worldHeight, int cellSize, boolean bounded). The act method is called by the greenfoot framework to give actors a chance to. Get all the objects in the world, or all the objects of a particular class.

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Index (Greenfoot API)

Font font field applying a new size to it. The sound will be played once.

Set the rotation of this actor. Return all objects that intersect the center of the given location relative to this object’s location. Returns the image used to represent hreenfoot actor. Act method for world. Returns a new Font object obtained by deriving the java. This takes the graphical extent of objects into consideration.

Objects found can be restricted to a specific class and its subclasses by supplying the ‘cls’ parameter.

Package greenfoot

Pauses the current sound if it is currently playing. Returns a string representation of this sound containing the name of the file and whether it is currently playing or not. To paint a color, you need to get the background image for the world and paint on that.

Return the current rotation of this actor. Tutorials Learn how to use Greenfoot and begin programming: If it is playing already, it will do nothing. Actor The act method is called by the greenfoot framework to give actors a chance to perform some action. Every object that is intended to appear in the world must extend Actor.

An object of the given class type that intersects with the current object. Learn Maths with Greenfoot. The size of cells can be specified at world creation time, and is constant after creation. The direction can be set using the setRotation int method.


The order of objects of the same class cannot be specified. Objects of classes listed first in the parameter list will act before any objects of classes listed later. Any previous text shown at the same location will first be removed.

Creates a RGB color with the specified greenoot, green, blue, and alpha values in the range 0 – Object An Actor is an object that exists in the Greenfoot world. Set a background image for the world. The list will include this object, if the offset is zero.

Creates a RGB color with the specified red, green, blue values in the range 0 – IllegalStateException – If the actor has not been added into a world. You can also access it from within Greenfoot – use the “Greenfoot Class Documentation” menu item, from the Help menu. World getWorld Return the world that this actor lives in. An object is defined to be at that cell if its graphical representation overlaps the center of the cell. The UserInfo class can be used to store data permanently on a server, and greenfoof share this data between different users, when the scenario runs on the Greenfoot web site.

If the sound is currently paused, it will resume playback from the point where it was paused. A number between represents the current sound volume.

The Greenfoot FAQ list covers many frequently-asked questions. If possible, you should always use stopbecause the resources can be released after calling stop. Set an image for this actor from an image file. The Joy Of Code is a thorough introduction to Greenfoot.


The location is specified as the coordinates of a cell in the world. Stop playing this sound if it is currently playing. See the how-to board for guides on commonly asked questions about how to accomplish various things in a Greenfoot scenario.

The size of the world in number of cells and the size of each cell in pixels must be specified. This method is called when the ‘Act’ or ‘Run’ buttons are activated in the Greenfoot interface. The world this actor is in, or null if either this actor is not in a world Throws: Thus, it is most useful in scenarios where objects are contained in a single cell.

German translations are available for some videos thanks to Frajo Ligmann. Set the act order of objects in the world. The object will have a default image.

greenfoot (Greenfoot API)

This method can be overridden to implement custom behaviour when the execution is stopped. The file should be located in the project directory. Move this actor the specified distance in the direction it is currently facing.

Most files of the following formats are supported: CS Unplugged with Greenfoot.