Selling a pair of Grund Audio Design STPM Black durable, soil-resistant Chicago Stompworks Gray Spec OD clone – barebox deal. $CAD. Technical Specifications. Topic Logo. Technical Specifications monitors ( HS); 2 Yamaha A15 speakers; 2 Grund Audio Design monitors (STM). Grund Audio Design STM watt 8 ohm monitor #2 Shipping cost is calculated by weight and dimensions and quoted directly from USPS based on.

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Grund Audio Design s musical products are floor standing units and not s-122m for suspension. Under no circumstances should the speaker be suspended with eyebolts attached to the top or side panels. Nor should attachments be made to the cabinet s handles. These situations pose serious risk of injury or death. Always consult an experienced rigging specialist or certified structural engineer before hanging any equipment overhead.

Grund Audio Design continually engages in product design development. For this reason, all product descriptions and specifications are subject to change without notice.

GAD uses premium components including asymmetrical horns, neodymium magnets, titanium drivers and third-order crossover networks, all housed in lightweight, durable, Baltic Birch wood cabinets. Combining engineering and manufacturing excellence with affordability, GAD is manufactured with excellence in the St-122.

Below you ll find a product for almost any high-quality permanently installed or mobile audio system: They asked for one that would be flexible, cost effective, packed full of features, and the keyword – intuitive. After two years of research and development, we now have the answer for the most innovative digital processor – the Grund Epecs DPC. The DPC is packed full of features and can be up and running in just minutes.

All the functions of the processor can be seen in one screen No restrictive defaults – manipulate the processor any way zudio desire True 96k resolution for high quality sound reproduction Go to our website to download the program and take it for a test drive today!

XLR balanced Minimum Load: Graphic 2×20 characters Size: From 20dBu up to dBu Attack time: Attack time from 5ms audjo to ms 1ms resolution up to 20ms, grujd 10ms resolution up to ms and 20ms resolution up to ms Release time: Release time from 0. Never before has a line array system been available that is this compact speca technically correct, yet affordable.

Typical line array systems offered to date have been large, very expensive and priced well beyond the budget of many small-tomedium sized installations and tour sound customers. The GALA system grnd fully ground stackable, while still maintaining the performance parameters of the line array concept.

For absolute safety when the system is flown, fully tested and certified ATM flying hardware is utilized. Additionally, all the GALA cabinets are designed for efficient truck pack. Churches, schools, auditoriums and even night clubs can now all benefit from the incredible advantages a line array system offers.

Grund Audio uses two, one inch Neo drivers coupled to a dual, asymmetrical fiberglass horn. This combination provides a wide horizontal coverage and a very narrow vertical that maximizes efficiency, with total coherency and intense output. The use of the asymmetrical horn provides greater intelligibility and better fidelity throughout the band width. Both the GAZ desitn the GA offer an excellent choice for club, concert or church venues of all sizes. The stacking tracks lock the boxes together and help to eliminate movement from vibration.


The top has a groove and the bottom has a track to spwcs the lock. The trays have a carpeted exterior and interior to protect the finish of the speakers.

The bottom tray comes equipped with casters two locking. The choice of horn patterns includes 90 x 40 and 60 x 40 where high Q capabilities are required. These models perform well in clusters for that wide and full array dynamic sound. All models are available with optional fly hardware. Three standard finishes available: Many models are available with optional biamp capability. All monitors are dual angle as well as low profile for a clean stage presence. The controlled pattern horns allow high SPL levels before feed back.

Grund Audio monitors provide the articulation and punch required in high SPL performance. Three standard finishes are available: Some models are available with optional biamp capability.

The GTM is popular in the touring circuit as a preferred choice for vocal monitoring. The GT Subwoofer Series offers a variety of sizes and power handling capabilities to solve even the most complex installation problems. These enclosures are built to endure years of road use with Baltic birch construction and superior dado and rabbit joinery, and have been tested in the most demanding applications.

The top tray locks the cabinets together for stacking and easy transport. Many Grund Audio Subwoofers come equipped with installed pole mounts for creating portable satellite systems. The arrayable design allows for center cluster systems, providing equal distribution of audio from the front of the room to the back. They also install well under balconies with their low-profile ceiling mount capabilities. Some models in the UB Series are equipped with an asymmetric horn for controlling the horizontal or vertical pattern when a hard surface may cause reflection these models have an R designation.

The UB Series is quickly becoming an installation staple, providing a variety of configurations from small to large cone format. What UB is in your toolbox? The UB Series offers versatile mounting options including U-brackets, wall-brackets, 2 x 2 flyware, or stand mounts.

Three beautiful finishes are available. White or black texture paint, or a natural, ready to paint or stain finish is available on the Baltic birch enclosures. Each model is equipped with component concealing grilles for visual aesthetics. True, two-pole crossovers and pattern-controlled horns are used for accurate and smooth sounding audjo performances and the spoken word.

Grund Audio Design STM watt 8 ohm monitor #2 | #

Vast assortments of model choices are available to fit every application. The Altar Clarity Series offers many installation solutions including, 2×2 fly points, U-bracket mounts and wall bracket mounts. These selfpowered cabinets make perfect self-contained systems for fast and inexpensive setups. The reinforced, ribbed, two-piece mold design provides a non-flexing, low-resonant cabinet.

The GPA and GPA models are equipped with removable feet for positioning the cabinet in a floor monitor application. The cabinets have multiple mounting points for the feet providing GPA mirror imaging s-122m.

The GPA may also be used as a floor monitor but does not require the feet. Also, each model is equipped with an integral, cast aluminum stand mount design for added strength when used on tripod stands desibn satellite poles. Audi GP Series cabinets are well suited for stacking with top cups and bottom feet. Additionally, these models are equipped with 10 fly points for permanent installation applications.


Voicing the microphone has never been easier. There is a mic and line level switch allowing a mic to be plugged in direct, or for adding an external mixer or other audio device. When using the option of hooking up a mic line directly into the GP Series, the built-in sensitivity rgund and the 3-band equalizer allow flexibility and personal control of the critical frequencies for vocal optimization.

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zt-122m A subwoofer may be added for additional low-end support. These speakers are equally adaptable as high-quality floor monitors. These units are ideal for vocal and instrument reproduction, floor monitoring, or side-fills.

Power up your Performance! An internal cooling fan is used to prevent air leakage that can cause detuning of the box.

Grund Audio Design ST-122M 150 watt 8 ohm monitor #2

Each model is equipped with an integral cast aluminum stand mount for long-lasting durability. Its design provides the user multiple applications and plenty of power handling capability in a compact, three-way, cabinet design. These full-range loudspeakers are ideal for wudio requiring high quality sound with detailed definition. The box design allows vocal optimizing and full music power capability. The versatile VIP Series may be used in a wide-variety of commercial applications: Just add the adjustable height pole and these subwoofers, along with a top box from the GT or Wpecs Series equally equipped with a pole mount, will provide a rockin grrund PA system!

Sophisticated design and measurement equipment, including computer assisted design software, is used for each design to achieve optimized balance and interface between components to give better quality, performance, and longer life. These products are used by musicians, DJs, rental companies, and many fixed installations including houses of worship, theaters, music halls, meeting rooms, amusement parks, hotels, stadiums, nightclubs, and auditoriums.

GT Series-Full Range : GT

The following are some of the quality features: All models carry a five year limited warranty. Mount your top box on the side pole mount for extra height. Each model includes a high performance, true 1 compression driver with a replaceable diaphragm.

The crossover network is a 2nd order design to help eliminate feedback and allow peak performance from the components. The woofers are designed and tested to deliver high performance. All models are equipped with the GAD Infinity high frequency protection circuit. This circuit protects your high frequency driver from excessive DC current that is produced by distortion or overdriving the system.

Instead of damaging your components, the Infinity circuit will help protect your investment for the long haul. Black carpet finish is standard on all XT Series models.

Choose 2×2 fly brackets, or fly track extrusion for in-air suspension. Wall mount brackets are grunx with horizontal and vertical adjustments and also pole mounting capability. U-brackets offer a solution for vertical or horizontal mounting.

Pole mounts are available on dssign models to use with portable tripod stands Fly Bolt for x 1. Metal 35mm, Plastic 35mm.