a film about an assassin, Ghost Dog, who follows the ways of the Samurai as outlined in the book Hagakure . I don’t want to put too many holes in you. Hagakure, simply put is a book about warrior culture. Written in Jamamoto Cunetomo () je bio samuraj-sluga iz klana Nabešima, koji je gospodario. Shōsetsu Yamamoto Tsunetomo: “hagakure” no bushidō o ikita otoko by Fuyuji to sacrifice his own life to bring them to ultimate fruition once his lord died.

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The Way of the Samuraishowing an assassin for the mob who lives according to the his interpretation of the principles of this book.

View all 5 comments. I also just have a significant problem with total devotion to a single person in a hierarchal position. There is only honor in living and sustaining from wasting life, especially your own.

Similarly, there are a lot of anecdotes that are just put down on paper and documented, without any apparent purpose or moral to them. Book description Hagakure “In the Shadow of Leaves”‘ is a manual for the samurai classes consisting of a series of short anecdotes and reflections that give both insight and samurajja the philosophy and code of behavior that foster the true spirit of Bushido-the Way of the Warrior.

As is more realistic and pure samurai teachings, this focuses less on swordplay than do most of the contemporary 20th and 21st century movies. Also an over-obsession with ritual suicide throughout. On one page you will find a bloody siege or multiple seppukkus, on the other you will get to know that a true samurai has to bathe and shave his forehead in his morning ritual.

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This work samurajz a powerful message aimed at the mind and spirit of the samurai warrior. But the problem with this is that the people committing suicide in order to save face aren’t doing it from a deeply felt disgust towards life as something that makes us do terrible things just in order to survive, there hsgakure no mature dialectical progression towards that realization, based on life experience and the ability to think for oneself.

It is not an especially difficult choice; just go forth and meet it confidently. As Yamamoto is the type of individual who believes it would have been better if the 47 would have that night gone and attacked and failed, then waited to strategize and succeed.

The Hagakure: Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Apr 07, Paul Tshagharyan rated it it was amazing. The Japanese release also has some songs not in the film.

I’ve grown to like this book so much that I have my samuuraja in my backpack at all times on campus. One of the things that really made me stop and think; loyalty equals sincerity. Ritual suicide to avoid bringing shame to oneself or one’s family puts to much importance on the “honor” concept, and actually seems selfish to me.

Great book, I’m going to go buy myself a copy so that I can re-read it again and again! It is not a book of philosophy as most would understand the word; it is a collection of thoughts and sayings recorded over a period of seven years, and as such covers a wide variety of subjects, often in no particular sequence.

I am deeply impressed with the philosophy it expounds and the discipline, loyalty, and honor it promotes. The website’s critical consensus was that the movie is “An innovative blend of samurai and gangster lifestyles. Wilson rated it it was ok. Another one I read years ago. Ideals of the samurai: The work represents an attitude far removed from our modern pragmatism and materialism, and possesses an intuitive rather than rational appeal in its assertion that Bushido is a Way of Dying, and that only a samurai retainer prepared and willing to die at any moment can be totally true to his lord.


Certainly one comes away with a more thorough understanding of the themes that run through the collection: The Way of the Samurai soundtrack. This is the substance of the Way of the Samurai. There is a lesson to be learned from a downpour of rain.

Nov 12, Ali Reda rated it liked it Shelves: Book of the Samurai was written by Yamamoto Tsunetomo, a samurai who lived from It offers beliefs that are difficult for the Western mind to embrace, yet fascinating in their pursuit of absolute service.

The Hagakure: Yamamoto Tsunetomo | Dynaflow library | TinyCat

Several of the passages appear, at least at an initial reading, to contradict each other. This edition, translated by the esteemed translator William Scott Wilson, is considered the definitive version of this classic.

Hagakure das Buch des Samurai by Tsunetomo Yamamoto Book 2 editions published between and in German and held by 11 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.