: Kytice: Czech & English Bilingual Edition (): Karel Jaromir Erben, Susan Reynolds: Books. : Kytice (): Karel Jaromir Erben: Books. únor Jediná básnická sbírka Karla Jaromíra Erbena vyšla pod titulem „Kytice z pověstí národních“ roku Její vznik však autor ohlašoval téměř.

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Miroslav Huptych

To translate both the meaning and the form of such strictly rhyming folk-songs is an astonishing feat. Jul 25, Ada rated it it was amazing. Dec 30, Hana rated it did not like it Shelves: I prayed a prayer that was not fitting: But, on the other hand, my mother’s father’s mother is reputed to have been crazy. He was a deeply musical man. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Oh, poor, poor girl! At those cries my blood will freeze— Mother mine, oh, dearest mother, Fear of him my heart does fill! The water-goblin comes to claim his bride, the mother angrily refuses to let her daughter out.

Kniha: Kytice – Karel Jaromír Erben |

To ask other readers questions about Kyticejaro,r sign kyice. Old Town Hall tower vantage point for biggest ever photograph of Prague. He had given music lessons in his youth and he went around very widely collecting all kinds of folk-songs and ballads, stories and local traditions. It’s almost impossible in English to preserve the stresses precisely, because Czech stresses the first syllable of the word. However, the most awful danger in any tale is not any supernatural creature, erbne the all-too human capacity for self-destruction, and it is perhaps this detail that makes these poems ring so morally true.

Open Preview See a Problem? Kyticeusually translated into English as Bouquet but meaning something closer to A Handful of Wild-flowersis a collection of Czech jwromr written in rhyming verse. You can always tell a “vodnik”, a water-goblin, if you see him on dry land because he wears a green frock-coat and there’s always a drop of water dripping from his left coat-tail.


He kyitce on November 21, of tuberculosis. Jarlmr 28, Colca rated it it was amazing. A book about dearh, murder, death, murder These tales from my cultural past, collected in the mid-nineteenth century, feel very foreign to the modern world. View all 5 comments. I absolutely recommend this book to anyone. At first I wasn’t sure if it was the translations since a few were good and some stories may just have not had much to bring to English.

I did read this book in Czech, however i will write the review in english; I am not that huge fan of our Slavic literature, no matter which region it comes from. He had spent many years working as an archivist in the city of Prague exploring many ancient historical documents, which gave him a strong sense of Czech history, of the country’s past greatness and its future potential. Give me that living girl, I say!

Karel Jaromír Erben – Kytice (bouquet)

Witches, goblins and revenants abound, often clashing with the Christian church. Your graceful body, white and pure, Would have been iytice those shirts, for sure! Often I’d find I’d get stuck and getting up and walking around actually helped it! We’ll start with ajromr opening few lines of “The Water-Goblin”. And this she interprets as a presage of bad jarlmr.

Her mother has had a bad dream in which she dresses the girl in white and gives her a string of pearls. While I generally prefer translations that aim for literal meaning, these tales seem best captured and conveyed through rhyme and rhythm, so the translation seems fine.

The artwork is dark and macabre, far from charming, and captures the na Anyone who finds Grimm’s Jatomr Tales to their liking will like this book.


Forgive the sin I was committing! Even though it is considered a Czech classics and children are taught about it, in my opinion the author must have been a psychopath and I can’t understand why it is so praised.

I read the version translated by Marcela Sulak with artwork by Alen Divis. Refresh and try again. As the bridegroom calls this dead man to rise and let the girl out, she prays fervently.

The girl is homesick for her mother; her only light is her child. In some versions – in some folk-tales that Erben collected elsewhere – he’s quite a comical, genial figure, but this one is slightly more sinister.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Well, I think if I’d been more expert when I started with the first of the poems, “The Golden Spinning Wheel”jarkmr is over lines long, I would probably never have dared to start.

How did you manage to get all this into English?

The old mother opens the door and there lies a terrible sight: On the lake the storm is shrieking; In the storm the child screams shrill; Screams that pierce the soul with anguish, Then they suddenly fall still. Water’s flowing, flowing, Wave on wave is surging, See there, among the waves, A white dress emerging. Dreamlike and nightmarish, horrible and beautiful, Kytice is a handful of wild-flowers we are lucky to have dried, preserved and stuck between pages for posterity.

Do not hoot, don’t accuse; My head is spinning round: Maiden, you showed good sense erbem, To think on God in time of need, And from your evil groom were freed!