Cover for Thoughts on Interaction Design. Thoughts on Interaction Design. Book • Authors: Jon Kolko. Browse book content. About the book. Search in this. Thoughts on Interaction Design has ratings and 21 reviews. Kars said: More like a pep-talk for interaction designers. It’s a good book for those in d. I am a fan of Jon Kolko’s writing. He has written articles in several editions of ACM Interactions magazine. I didn’t know he has written an.

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Or the possible processes that interaction designers are currently engaging in now. Jon brings together disparate fields of study and references to create a holistic approach to DESIGN whatever flavor you wantthe guest essay by Ellen Beldner is hilarious, personal, enraging, and edgey.

So can you elaborate on that distinction? I remember feeling just the same way upon speaking with a writer of technical manuals who explained to me that the manual was usually written as an afterthought, once the manufactured product was coming off the assembly line.

I am a graphic designer looking into how I may transition to IxD field, and this book was a great read. Thus, although Thoughts on Interaction Design is not an industrial deign book in the mold of Henry Dreyfuss or even Donald Norman, his Thoughts are just as important, because all industrial design is interaction design as well.

And that something new is going to be a combination of what I see in the world but also what I am, what makes me, me. Every UX designer should read this book. Content-wise the book had a lot of interesting points and made me think. It also ties business success to design and the emphasis on the end user. One you could paint broadly as working with corporate developers.


One of the best books on Interaction Design: Is beautiful the same as gorgeous? Yes or no, does Johnny love job

Or using a visual equivalent of shouting threw my bright colours interation new, improved, more features, things like that. I really liked it and wished I could have stayed focused while reading it. Refresh and try again. And the other you could work broadly with consultant developers. It’s a pretty fast read. Barry Saunders rated it liked it Jun 24, That leads down towards a very scary path.

Radio Johnny: Jon Kolko’s Thoughts on Interaction Design | Johnny Holland

I want to choose to go to the amusement park, only some of the time. Adnan rated it liked it Mar 01, He was pretty fundamental in thokghts me and put together some of these thoughts. It does define UX, IA and other forms of interaction design. It should be resolved interactiion. While that might also be a likely conclusion in Paris, I doubt that it’s true in most of Scandinavia. Books by Jon Kolko. Eliot Noyes Innovators come in two varieties: And not just making stuff for consumption and even entertainment, but to really focus on the bigger social issues that sort of plague us.

They have little experience of: The Role of Intuition in IxD. So while Thoughts is a solid resource for designers, it is less important for designers to read than it is for us to proselytize and to try ineraction pass a dog-eared copy thouthts through middle management and hopefully all the way to the CEO. Innovators come in two varieties: Interaction Conference Founded inthe Interaction Design Association Conference brings together practitioners interested in all things around interaction design.

View all our shows. Laughing Which is what I loved about it.

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More like a pep-talk for interaction designers. You know there is the long now and then there is the short now. You’ll either finish this book nodding your head and feeling more like a professional designer or you’ll feel overwhelmed and realise all you do is draw pretty pictures. There was too much justification for the discipline to be desigj enjoyable read.


Is that there is a whole bunch of new names with new ideas and new ways of thinking about all of this stuff so you know, I hope to see you in Savannah. If forced jom pick who was responsible for America’s industrial output, my best guess would have been engineers.

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Thoughts on Interaction Design by Jon Kolko

This struck me as profoundly jnteraction because any well-designed product must have had a designer who’d already given thought to how the product should be used, and flowcharts of an ideal user experience were probably even posted on a cubicle wall somewhere. All you can do is surround yourself with other people to expand your prospective, because when you have a problem you go to other designers.

The difference between designers and artists is that designers occasionally make art, but that in design there is always someone on the other end of the transaction, purchasing their work and then interacting with it.

Please enter your email and we will send an email to reset your password. Kolko himself expresses this joh the introduction, when he describes design as a both a language and a rhetoric.