KiWAVE™ is a trademark of Keithley Instruments, Inc. All Keithley Instruments product names are .. Model Arbitrary Waveform Generator User’s Manual. Items are supplied with manuals, accessories and typically a full no-quibble 2 The exceptional signal quality of the Model is a result of its high resolution, . Refer to the Keithley Model Arbitrary Waveform Generator User’s Manual if it is not clear how to specify the waveforms. The figure below shows an.

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The default sweep time is 1 second, and the range is from 1 ms to s. Query errors Error code Description Query The result of this measurement is shown below. Connect the waveform generator to your computer with the GPIB cable.

Frequency Modulation Max Amplitude. A Return to Rev.

You NOTE can disable the voltage auto ranging function refer to ranging to Setting voltage auto prevent output disruption. Keithley Instruments technical support contact information is located manuzl. Setup Basics Front panel connections The Sync and Output connectors are both located on the front panel of the Model Section 2 Front Panel In this section: Navigation wheel, cursor keys, and numeric keypad Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Remote Programming for a review of the front panel keys.

Keithley 3390 Adjustment Manual

Section 5 Waveform Output Operations In this section: These commands use a SCPI syntax. Topic Page General information Page of 25 Go. Setting frequency or period Similar to arbitrary waveforms, pattern output provides five built-in patterns and up to four user-defined patterns that are stored in nonvolatile memory.


Appendix C Application Programs In this section: Page 6 This page left blank intentionally.

New waveforms cannot be Not enough memory to store new saved. Appendix C Application Programs In this section: B-2 Error message definitions Utility menu key The Utility menu key allows access to the following keitnley and parameters: Setup Basics Restoring factory default settings You can choose to reset the Model to its original factory default settings.

Page 20 – Equipment setup Page 21 – ManualAdjustment. Page 4 note that selected parts should be purchased only through Keithley Instruments to maintain accuracy and functionality of the product.

An error message will display as shown below, during an calibration error. Execution errors Error code Description Data Scpi Commands Appendix A: Amplitude Modulation Modulating waveform The Model accepts either an internal or external modulating source. Press the soft keys corresponding with Setup Basics Manuak frequency or period Each waveform function has its own frequency range, but the default frequency is 1 kHz for all functions.

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B-1 Error Messages Introduction IP information displayed on this page ,eithley be modified. Refer to the topic for details. General information Contact information If you have any questions after reviewing this information, please contact your local Keithley Instruments representative or call one of our applications engineers at KEITHLEY within the U.


Recommended Test Equipment Section 1: Introduction A sine waveform is a uniform waveform with a constant frequency and amplitude.

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These registers record conditions of the instrument and allow you to monitor and manipulate events. To maintain protection from electric shock and fire, replacement components in mains circuits – including the power transformer, test leads, and input jacks – must be purchased from Keithley Instruments.

Power has been turned off and on.

Contains the current status of the hardware and firmware, is continuously updated, and is not latched or buffered. Press it again to turn the Model off. Chapters Table Of Contents Setting Dc Offset Voltage Section 4: Setting DC offset voltage Detailed setup and operation instructions for the Front panel output functions can be found in 5, and of this manual.

Introduction Handle adjustment You can adjust the carrying handle to suit This page displays all of the LAN setup and model information for your instrument.