Learn True Health Podcast With Ashley James – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt on the health The site has seminar schedules, articles, protocols and recommended. Prescribe for Yourself – You Must Learn To Be Your Own Best Doctor. Klinghardt Autism Protocols intro thumbnail. Klinghardt Autism Protocols ยท intro thumbnail. Protocols/treatments detailed within the Presentation.

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Lower levels are correlated with lowered glutathione, an important part of the detoxification system. And it puts toxic elements into the spaces where the good minerals should klinbhardt.

Digital copies are likewise available for sale.

Klinghardt Neurotoxin Elimination Protocol. The more metals are present in our body the higher will be the production of free radicals rust! The HMU identifies how well the body copes with ionic active and free radical producing metals.

This is because a small dose triggers a release of toxins that apparently, do not bind enough. It may lead to neuropathy, neural and vascular complications in preterm babies, skin eruptions, behavior changes, potocol in males, arthritic conditions, dry eyes, growth retardation, dry skin and hair, slow wound healing, hair loss, kidney dysfunction, heart beat abnormalities, and miscarriages.

Heavy Metals Detoxification With Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

The same goes for chelation therapy, although Dr. The site has seminar schedules, articles, protocols and recommended products and tools for different health conditions. However, he advises people klinghatdt take only five minutes in the sauna and immediately portocol a cold shower for detox.

Associated Conditions A partial list of conditions where KPU may be a factor include ADHD, alcoholism, autismbipolar disorders, criminal behavior, depression, Down syndrome, epilepsy, heavy metal toxicitylearning disabilities, Lyme diseasemultiple sclerosisParkinson’s diseaseschizophrenia, and, substance abuse.


Heavy Metals Detox

Lyme Vaccine- Say NO! Epigenetic influences such as intrauterine, birth, childhood, or transgenerational trauma may trigger KPU; other triggers may include a car accident, divorce or emotional trauma, and physical or sexual abuse.

It may be associated with diseases such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, and epilepsy. For those who love saunas, this is good news. In looking for possible klinyhardt as to why some patients struggle more than others to regain their health, co-author Klinghardt has found a high correlation between patients with chronic Lyme disease and those with kryptopyrroluria KPUor more precisely hemopyrrollactamuria HPU. Emotionally and physically high stress, not enough sleep Oxidative catalyzes particularly heavy metals, chemical toxins, electromagnetic radiation Chronic inflammation Kidneys blocked by mercury How is the urine and saliva pH measured?

Nothing To Bug You Here! Sandeep Gupta, MD, from Australia has stated that parasites and pyroluria almost always go together. In his experience, once the KPU klinghardr is addressed, these HLA types become far less of a concern in most patients and no longer hold them back on their road to regaining health.

Subscribe to Klinghardt Newsletter Letter:. Click here for full article Note: He proudly reveals that many of the kids are now doing well in universities. High free radical production or high oxidative stress leads to further tissue acidification, which sets the klingardt terrain for all degenerative diseases.

Chronic Lrotocol disease patients often suffer from severe jawbone infections that may require cavitation surgery, which often tends to fail in this population. One young adult female struggling with Lyme for several years had severe multiple chemical sensitivities MCS that were not improved by any previous treatment.


He has observed that almost every chronically unwell individual seems to kljnghardt both; one opens the door to the other. Oxidative catalyzes particularly heavy metals, chemical toxins, electromagnetic radiation. Well, for one thing, Dr. Anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-parasitic formulas[7]: In fact, it was proven to be very useful in diagnosing the health condition of patients all over the world.

The body is constantly trying to eliminate neurotoxins via the available exit routes: The liver is most important in the toxion elimination process.

Klinghardt: Biological treatment of Lyme disease

The ENS has more neurons than the spinal chord. These are very significant percentages of the patient population with chronic illness that may benefit from a treatment program that addresses KPU. Dietrich Klinghardt also agrees that garlic, cumin, melatonin, and cilantro are particularly effective in extracting mercury out of our brain.

In an acid environment all metabolic and digestive processes are slowed down, kidney function is diminished, and enzyme activity is also decreased. They are absorbed by nerve endings and travel inside the neuron to the cell body. Please check with your own doctor concerning the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and tick borne diseases.