The Kolbrin Bible: Millennia ago, Egyptian and Celtic authors recorded prophetic warnings for All online orders are securely processed through The Kolbrin, or The Kolbrin Bible, is a collection of texts alleged to be the of the Kailedy; the same group also presents an online edition. Information About The Kolbrin Bible – English – EspaƱol. – Nibiru and The Kolbrin. – Planet X and The Kolbrin Bible Connection – Why The Kolbrin Bible is the.

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Entering the cave Habaris told those with him to bide where they were, for only Idalvar, his sons and Klara were to accompany him into the place of initiation, a small cave entered through a long narrow passage closed off by a heavy door and lit by fire already prepared, a fire which bumt tardily with a blue flame.

While it gave health and strength to The Kolrin of God, safeguarding them from the sicknesses of the Yoslings, koolbrin given to others it caused a wasting away. Every herb that could be eaten and every herb that flowered was there.

The man awoke and sought food from the fruits about him and having refreshed himself wandered about the garden. No hard copy of the purported original has been presented or is known to exist.

Then those who knew the mysteries of the thunderstones came and cleared the way, and all within the cave were found dead. In any event, it was believed that these ‘heretical works’ were destroyed, and as it happened the fire proved to be a good cover for their preservation. But there were times bibe the call of his people was strong, then he would go out furtively into the night to indulge in blble dark rituals.

What distinguishes the Kailedy from the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John is that it contains far more material, including many biographical details not found elsewhere.

Its rulers put spirituality and duty to their subjects above all else. Mud eggs of life potential were formed in swamps, at the meeting places of land and two waters.


The mean soul of the wicked is duU- hued, twisted and drab, and, being drawn towards its own compatible state, it shrinks into the dark places. There are other explanations, but the vmter is in no position to express any positive or worthwhile opinion. Were you choosing a gift from the past to the future, what would it be? Would it never pall? He taught that men reach the true goal of life by transmuting lustlove into truelove.

This is known because those who were with Dadam came out of the barren places and learned the ways of builders, becoming great among the Ubalites and raising cities along the rivers.

The Kolbrin Bible – Wisdom From the Ancients

Presently, Gwidon came out cloaked in the skins of wild dogs, with a homed crown and skull-headed staff. Ethically the Kolbrin holds its own with any other body of literature and it is now offered to persons bbile groups seeking a philosophical focal point.

It gazed upon Earth and saw her fairness, and was filled with desire, and came out of the heavenly spaces to possess her. This was nible secret of Britain.

He looked above and saw glory in the Heavens. I am most sure that you know of Michael Tsarion. Her thoughts and desires are different; she is neither coarse nor uncouth, being altogether of another, more refined realm. Osireh is not like other men. If this is your state we hail you, we are proud of you, our worthy children of light, conceived in the long dark years wherein we laboured and ploughed our own short furrow.

Full text of “The Kolbrin COMPLETE”

That there they would meet buble final destiny. Dadam said, “I am bound by duty to do certain things, but first let us go into the Gisar to the place called Bethkelcris, where I will seek enlightenment”.

Idalvar and those with him presented their gifts and took their places before the compound. But Dadam was unable to follow, being laid low with the sickness. This we give you, Biible Hidden Books containing the accumulated harvest of wisdom and Truth garnered over the generations, the bread onlinee oil which sustained us and never diminished.

Then Habaris prepared a strange fire with stones, unlike any fire seen before, and when it burnt low he plucked out that which is called ‘child of the green flame’ and he beat it out so it became a blade. Views Read Edit Fossil record. Gwidon spoke at length, telling them that the nightsky sign heralded a new era. Awen makes everything what it is, for all things change under its law.


What man is now he owes to these, may he learn bibpe be duly gratefol. We have a saying, “do not judge a place of instruction by its bricks”. They had fallen into carnal knowledge which only man can know, for only he feels the reproach of divinity. Understandably, reading this tale of woe dampened kolbrln Kolbrin enthusiasm considerably for a year or two; it was only when I travelled to Egypt three years ago that gut instinct told me these incredible books had to be genuine and that I must try to authenticate them.

The fall of man was a fall from loving contact molbrin God into material carnality. Maybe it brings you the happiness and security, the peace and plenty we never knew.

Guide to the Kolbrin

Irrespective of origins or contributors, the Kolbrin as a whole and in its present form has been adequately validated and endorsed by Higher Authorities as being a body of wisdom conducive to spiritual enlightenment.

There, too, was the Great Tree of Wisdom bearing the fruits of knowledge granting the choice and ability to know the true from the false. That as the moon grew again in brightness, so should their race wax strong and virile, spreading wide across the face of the Earth, driving lesser races before them. Each knew the mysteries of magic and the ways of the stars. The child was raised sternly, for he needed the fortitude, courage and cuiming of a man, to fit him for the task ahead.

He said, “She acts as she does through iimocence and not through brashness”.