Results 1 – 30 of 51 Pentagate (French Edition) by Meyssan Thierry and a great selection of related You Searched For: le pentagate (title) Edit Your Search. Thu, 20 Dec GMT le pentagate pdf – His following book was Le. Pentagate, a book arguing that the attack against the. Pentagon was not carried. Origine de tous les cultes, ou la Religion universelle. Paris: E. Babeuf. [Published in English as The b. Le Pentagate. Chatou (Yvelines): Editions Carnot.

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Like websites and videosbooks are an effective medium for disseminating ideas. Thus, it would be surprising if books were not also employed to discredit challenges to the official story through the Trojan horse method. Since books tend to appeal to a more literate and discerning audience than videos, it would pwntagate sense that books designed to sabotage truth exposure by muddying the waters would take a more subtle approach than videos like In Pentagatr Site.

Dissembling Books

This appears to be the case. Its authors are Rowland Morgan, a former columnist for the mainstream publications the Independent on Sunday and the Guardianand Ian Henshall, the creator of the website dossier.

  DECRETO 4124 DE 2004 PDF

In November ofResearch published a detailed critique of the book, having the following conclusions:. Readers who have not researched the attack will probably overlook the book’s critical omissions, such as its avoidance of the direct evidence of controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7.

While pretending to revealthe book subtly reinforces the official story in numerous ways. It states up front that the official story may be true, and then pretends to expose problems in it while surreptitiously undermining those criticisms with numerous hoaxes, poison pills, straw man arguments, and strategically avoided evidence.

Review: Dissembling Books

However, the book appears crafted to avoid, misrepresent, muddle or discredit all of the evidence that most decisively implicates insiders in the planning and execution of the attack.

Borrowing from the Research critique, we summarize the pentagage treatment of several major issues. In Thierry Meyssan, described on voltairenet. In it, Meyssan showcases his theory that the Pentagon was not attacked with a jetliner, but was damaged by a truck bomb. The book was translated into at least 25 different languages, and expertly marketed.

World-Action – The Horrifying Fraud by Thierry Meyssan

According to USA Books, it sold a half a million copies. Among its fallacies of evidence and logicLe Pentagate highlighted a set of leaked frames of Pentagon CCTV video to support the missile theory, without even questioning the veracity of the pentagatw.


Meyssan’s books contain a good deal of analysis about who had the means and motive to commit the attack, but their treatment of the attack itself focuses exclusively on promoting the idea that the Pentwgate crash did not involve a jetliner. Because this idea is almost certainly falseit undermines the books’ conclusion that the attack was an inside job.

The effective marketing of Meyssan’s books assured that the pentagat theory would be the first alternative theory of the attack that most people would encounter, and hence the one that they would associate with questioning of the official story.

Meyssan’s book was printed in at least 25 different languages and effectively marketed around the world. Dissembling Books Like websites and videosbooks are an effective medium for disseminating ideas.

In November ofResearch published a detailed critique of the book, having the following conclusions: Victoria Ashley and Jim Hoffman. Copyright – ,Review.