Follow all instructions and adhere to warnings marked on the unit and in the .. MPX ix. Important User Information. Lexicon is pleased to present its user. Lexicon MPX Lexicon MPX dual effects processor (angled view). . The manual rightly points out that, because such complex processing introduces a. View and Download Lexicon MPX user manual online. Lexicon User Guide bit Dual Channel Processor. MPX Computer Hardware pdf manual.

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Lexicon MPX 550 User Manual

Page 55 MPX FLANGE Flange effects were originally created by simultaneously playing back identical programs mmanual two tape recorders, then using hand pressure against the flange of the tape reels to slow down first one machine, then the other.

The first letter indicates input type, which is selected with the System Mode parameter Input Source see page MPX Section 3: Decay time was set to instant, while hold time varied duration and sound. Press the Store button.

Res 1, 2 In Chorus programs, control lexicoj amount of feedback signal. MIDI Sysex messages can be used to access all algorithm parameters. The information it contains is subject to change without notice.

With all delay and echo effects, note the way the repeats fall rhythmically to the beat.

When a delay parameter setting is changed, the graphics pictured below appear. It is controlled with four It is also calibrated in 2dB increments per pixel. Page 59 MPX In all delay programs and dual programs, the unit uses the MstrDly parameter to scale delay times that are not controlled by Tempo.


To use this program, note the following: Program Descriptions Single Programs. MPX program banks are ordered numerically from 0 to 27, beginning with the Plate Bank. Bypass MPX 4. Stereo Stage provides stereo reverb while preserving the dry signal.

When the Level parameter setting is changed, the graphics pictured below appear.

Studio Manuals – Lexicon

Page 78 Indicates output levels. These programs are amnual on drums and percussion, and can also be applied to electric guitar tracks. Page 91 Controls the level above which signals are compressed. The number after the letter indicates the sample rate Connections lexicob be made utilizing high-quality shielded cables.

Page 3 Fax Service This document should not be construed as a commitment on the part of Lexicon, Inc. These programs contain two delays.

The first is controlled by tempo and generally used to create longer delays and echoes.


Non-essential parameters have been removed from the Edit Pages. These programs are stunning on acoustic or clean electric guitar.

This procedure cannot be executed when a User program is running or when the System Mode parameter Memory Protect is set to Enabled. See page for more information. Page 52 Tremolo is essentially a rhythmic effect. Page 41 Disabled, the unit ignores Learned Patches, preventing accidental changes.


Tremolo is essentially a rhythmic effect. Output Level, the first System Mode parameter, will be displayed. Don’t show me this message again. The clean reverberation of Hall programs is designed to add spaciousness without altering source material. Page Voice Female Vocal See page for more information about the front panel display.

Either may be used.

Numbers 1 to 4 correspond to numbers 1 to 4 beneath the front panel display. Limited Warranty Manuwl not return the unit to Lexicon, Inc.

Page Mono Split Configuration MstrRate In Rotary programs, serves as a master rate control affecting both the horn and drum rates. In Ambience programs, Decay controls the length of the ambience manuall. Rate Controls modulation speeds. Peak Expansion Meter Indicates the level of peaks above the peak expansion threshold. When Shipping a Product for Service.

Press the front panel Store button to execute this procedure and return the User Bank to its factory-default condition. Lexicon Off, Modern, Vintage. The tick marks are placed in 3dB increments. Disabled, the unit ignores Learned Patches, preventing accidental changes. When set to Processed, the digital output is the same as the analog manaul. The website offers instructions, sample messages, and a complete table of parameter Sysex addresses.